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LOAVESChia Omega-3 Wholemeal Block Loaf

Our Chia Omega-3 Wholemeal Loaf is made for sharp brains and mouth-watering lunches! Just two toast slices are a source of magnesium and iron to help maintain a healthy mind.

  • Dairy friendly
  • Egg friendly
  • Nut friendly
  • Vegan friendly

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Whole Grain Wholemeal Wheat Flour (56%), Water, Chia Seed (6%), Yeast, Iodised Salt, Vegetable Oil (Canola), Wheat Flour, Soy Flour, Vitamins (Thiamin, Folic Acid).

May Contain: Rye, Barley, Oats, Spelt, Egg, Milk, Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Lupin

Customers with Peanut or Sesame Seeds allergies may also be sensitive to chia.

Servings per package: 9 (16 toast slices & 2 crusts)
Serving size (Ave.): 78g (2 toast slices)

Ave. qty per serving % Daily Intake** per serving Ave. qty per 100g
Energy 772kJ (184Cal) 9% 989kJ (236Cal)
Protein 8.6g 17% 11.1g
Fat - Total 3.3g 5% 4.2g
  - Saturated 0.4g 2% 0.5g
  - Trans 0.1g - 0.1g
  - Polyunsaturated 1.3g - 1.7g
  - Omega-3 ALA 1090mg - 1400mg
  - Monounsaturated 0.5g - 0.6g
Carbohydrate 26.9g 9% 34.5g
  - Sugars 1.1g 1% 1.4g
Dietary Fibre 6.2g 21% 7.9g
Sodium 365mg 16% 469mg
Magnesium 56.9mg (18% RDI*) - 73.0mg
Iron 1.6mg (14% RDI*) - 2.0mg
Iodine 34.3ug (23% RDI*) - 44.0ug
Thiamin 0.3mg (28% RDI*) - 0.4mg
Niacin 1.8mg (18% RDI*) - 2.3mg
Folate 125ug (62% RDI*) - 160ug

* Recommended Dietary Intake
** Percentage daily intakes are based on an average adult diet of 8700 kJ. Your daily intakes may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs.
One serve of our Chia Wholemeal Block Loaf contributes 97% towards the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council™ suggested 48g Whole Grain Daily Target Intake.

14 reviews for Chia Omega-3 Wholemeal Block Loaf

  1. kim

    My children love this bread. I love that it is wholemeal + contains chia.

  2. Christine Lehmann

    Best bread ever. Wholemeal but still soft, with added goodness of chia seeds. My favourite baker at Birallee in Wodonga does it best by not dousing it with extra flour.

  3. Janet Smith

    I have tried many breads over the years but none come close to this Wholemeal Chia. I always buy this bread, have it cut thin. I have gone back to other packaged and bakery breads from time to time for convenience but they are just awful. Bakers Delight Wholemeal Chia is healthy, tastes good and is really worth going out your way to have it in your pantry. It also freezes well for those who only shop infrequently.

  4. Christopher McAvaney

    We love this bread. It is our daily staple for lunch boxes and toast. Fits nicely into the sandwich containers and is always the right amount of moisture.

  5. Suzanne Ellis

    I like this bread, it freezes well and has a nice texture especially the crust.

  6. Celeste Chong

    Our family favourite. There is always a loaf in our freezer. Love that it is lower carbs than other breads.

  7. Maree Petering

    Our favourite bread, with a loaf always on hand in our freezer. Great sliced thinly for sandwiches, particularly enjoyed fresh! Enjoyed by ourselves and guests alike.

  8. Judy Buising

    I have this bread every morning toasted with jam. I love the flavour of this bread. The wholemeal and chia seeds are a healthy option but it tastes so good! Always use my B.D. Card and collect a Wholemeal Chia at the end of each row too.

  9. Sonia

    Healthy loaf that all of the family loves. Makes the best sandwiches with a nutty texture!

  10. Mary Bruinink

    I love the taste of this very healthy bread, the chia seeds just give it that subtle textured crunch. I freeze half the loaf so that we don’t waste any, and it freezes beautifully. A totally quality bread that never disappoints!

  11. Daniela

    My favourite bread out of them all. I love the Chia for it’s Omega health benefits and the wholemeal flour tastes great. A great all rounder for the family.

  12. Rhi

    Tastiest, best ever bread for my family and freezes so well!! Yummo!!

  13. Emily

    Delicious and freezes well. Love the chia seeds and wholemeal flour for their health benefits and makes great sandwiches and toast.

  14. Gayle Wright

    This is the best bread ever. Love wholemeal and love the chia seeds added. It keeps for days and tastes so good

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DID YOU KNOW? Send your kiddies to school with an A+ sanga

Just two toast slices covers 100% of kids’ daily intake of Omega-3 ALA!

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