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Sweet Tweets

  • @StayAtHomeMum Looks fantastic. Nice treat to have this Easter!
    15m (bakersdelight)
  • @FeastOnFoot, we agree with @jeb_chicka - spot on!
    18m (bakersdelight)
  • @CraeMalone Sorry to hear. Please send your contact details to and we'll follow up on this.
    29 Mar (bakersdelight)
  • We think so too! RT @zippuli: in the #hotcrossbun stakes - @bakersdelight wins hands down.
    29 Mar (bakersdelight)
  • Know Tae Kwon Dough? Practice your technique for the final round #hotcrosspuns! Head to:
    26 Mar (bakersdelight)
  • 26 Mar (bakersdelight)
  • Post a pun using the keyword DOUGH on our FB page & you could WIN a $100 voucher!
    24 Mar (bakersdelight)
  • @libbyy_ we're sorry to hear this and would like to help. Please send your details to our Customer Relations team
    24 Mar (bakersdelight)
  • @Boelib sorry to hear this. Please contact our Customer Relations team and they can help fix this
    23 Mar (bakersdelight)
  • We'll make sure we get your feedback off to the staff at our Wonthaggi bakey @Al_Fatman92!
    23 Mar (bakersdelight)
  • Space Invaders: a classic #hotcrosspun. Think you can do better? Head to FB for round 3!
    19 Mar (bakersdelight)
  • Thanks for the shout out @Al_Fatman92. Nothing beats a fresh pizza out of the oven!
    19 Mar (bakersdelight)
  • @paulyd2510 as we bake fresh daily using raw ingredients, this wouldn't be possible in our bakeries. Details here:…
    17 Mar (bakersdelight)
  • Thanks for the great article @ballaratcourier. Can't wait to raise some funds for @tlcforkidsaus tomorrow!!!
    13 Mar (bakersdelight)
  • RT @growans: Did you say Hot Cross Buns? #Ride2School Great shot! Special thanks to our Glebe bakery for helping out!
    13 Mar (bakersdelight)

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