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Sweet Tweets

  • How much would like to try this bruschetta over the weekend? Recipe here:
    21 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • How would you go creating any kind of Twisted Delight possible? Watch how these ladies went on our FB page.
    20 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • Happy to be on board and looking forward to the rest of the season!…
    20 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • @ah22ch all of our bakeries have each as an option. You're more than welcome to ask for paper if that is your preference. Cheers!
    18 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • @paulski87 As bakeries are individually franchised, facilities vary bakery to bakery. More info here
    17 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • Looking for a plate to bring with you to a party? Try this beetroot hummus toast recipe:
    14 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • Snack sorted - peanut butter & banana on toast. It tastes as good as it looks!
    10 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • @thefoxandking unfortunately not all products can be donated. More info available here…
    9 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • @TeaTarzy they're currently optional but will be avail in all bakeries from 26 November
    9 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • @crazycatinabox we'll make sure we pass this on to the Franchisee and that Laura is rewarded for her hard work!
    9 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • What happens when kids get to bake their own Twisted Delights w/ their own ingredients? Find out on our FB page.
    7 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • @N0toriousKat pop in to one of our bakeries tomorrow morning for a fresh #Cheesymite straight out of the oven - unbeatable!
    5 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • Head to our Facebook page to see how you can win tickets to @NowAddHoney #nowaddhoney
    5 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • Looking for ideas for dinner tonight? Try a Portobello Mushroom Burger.
    4 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • @jeromelaxale @MarkDiStef Our Cheesymite turned 21 this year. How about a spot on that list as a late birthday present?
    4 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • You heard it here first folks! @jemimaskelley has just set a new world record for the Bakers Delight Finger Bun Sprint @GyanYankovich
    4 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • @unholychik43 sorry about this. Please contact Customer Relations so they can look into this for you
    4 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • 2 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • @__medwards did you end up stopping by? Hopefully whatever you purchased got you through the day!
    2 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • @thecatriona sorry about this. Pls contact our Customer Relations team to discuss further
    1 Nov (bakersdelight)

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