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Sweet Tweets

  • This is disappointing to hear @erinloc We can fix this for you, please be in touch with our Customer Relations.
    18 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • For something a bit fancier on the barbie, try Spanish BBQ Sausage w Balsamic Onions. Recipe:…
    17 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • Our Berry and White Choc Scones will do that to you @Tessaasimpson #delish
    17 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • @Karli_x It's almost snack time if you ask us! You've made us hungry, we'll need to go munch on one now! #yummo
    14 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • What do you love most @cliffarhd? A cheeky Cheesymite scroll? A tasty Finger Bun? What's your go to? :)
    13 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • Looking for some mid-week magic? Try this Mushroom Bruschetta.
    12 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • Lest we forget #rememberanceday
    11 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • Here's one way to please a crowd this weekend! Panzanella Salad with egg:
    8 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • Battle of our Turkish Breads: Chilli vs Sea Salt. Which would you chose?
    7 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • Sounds like a tasty arvo tea! Have you tried a Spinach Cob Dip? #yummy Check it out here; @laimelde @seldear
    6 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • @nerdbucky Cinnamon Scrolls are delish! Where's your local Bakers Delight? We can try help you out. :)
    6 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • TGIT? Wishing Melbournians a happy Melbourne Cup Day! #cupday #publicholiday #picnic
    4 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • Spring Racing Carnival = picnic time.
    3 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • Need a recipe idea for the weekend? Check out this quick salmon & caviar rillette dip:
    1 Nov (bakersdelight)
  • Thanks @LittleCatDesign we hope the puppy's owner is found soon!
    30 Oct (bakersdelight)
  • Need a recipe idea for dinner? Try this Summer medley of roasted peppers.
    30 Oct (bakersdelight)
  • RT @TracyBsays: Thanks @bakersdelight at dee why for their good deed to me today! I'll pay it forward it promise! #greatcustomerservice
    28 Oct (bakersdelight)
  • They look fantastic @RHSpatula Is it unacceptable to have a second lunch at 3:05pm on a Monday? You've made us hungry :)
    27 Oct (bakersdelight)

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