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Sweet Tweets

  • Win a TV from @bakersdelight via our Facebook by sharing a pic of you at a #AFLGrandFinal BBQ
    26 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • Hi @Belly035 sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact us and we'd like to follow this up
    25 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • @nabss thanks for sharing. This is bad practice & disappointing. Bakeries donate $143m each year. Please contact us
    24 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • No worries @inyk happy to help. We've got a good feeling about late October...
    22 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • Thanks for the offer @MMorstanIsQueen but you hang onto that recipe. Not sure what is scarier; cold canned spaghetti or warm icing with spag
    22 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • We have some good news for you @inyk so stay tuned...
    21 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • Thanks @davecallantwit @DeathSandals we prefer puns to buns, but we’ll take it.
    21 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • Read about how we first started almost 35 years ago in today's The Deal in the @australian
    19 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • Hi @pomandaussie please contact our Customer Relations team if you haven't already and we can sort it out for you!
    18 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • RT @hxrryholic: me and bakers delight have a secret relationship going on right now. Nothing is a secret on twitter!
    17 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • Hi @Kdawwwgz we'd suggest you check out our website for more information. We'd be happy to answer your questions
    17 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • @hxrryholic sadly we don't deliver, but what's your local?
    17 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • RT @hxrryholic: I ❤ bakers delight. AW SHUCKS.
    16 Sep (bakersdelight)
    16 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • @MeshelandTommy @Meshel_Laurie @Tommy_little @mrsparmas if you need some rolls with that, remember your friends at Bakers have the hook ups
    16 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • Thanks @RyLeeart @paulverhoeven we're more of the 'freshly baked from scratch' Toast Man, but love the art.
    16 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • @Belly035 sorry to hear that Wayne, we'll follow up with the bakery. Thanks for letting us know!
    15 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • Hi @Belly035 tap and go shouldn't be a $10 minimum. Please let us know which bakery you were at and we can follow up
    15 Sep (bakersdelight)
  • Hi @pomandaussie that's not good at all, please let us know where you got it and we can replace it!
    15 Sep (bakersdelight)

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