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LOAVESHi-Fibre Lo-GI White Block Loaf

Made for longer-lasting energy, our soft Hi-Fibre Lo-GI Loaf is perfect to keep the littlies going all day! Plus, just two toast slices contains 1/4 of their daily fibre needs.

  • Dairy friendly
  • Egg friendly
  • Lo-GI
  • Nut friendly
  • Vegan friendly

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Wheat Flour, Water, Thickener (1412), Gluten, Vegetable Gum (412), Iodised Salt, Yeast, Soy Flour, Vitamins (Folic Acid, Thiamin).

May Contain: Rye, Barley, Oats, Spelt, Egg, Milk, Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Lupin

Glycemic Index 55

Servings per package: 9 (16 toast slices & 2 crusts)
Serving size (Ave.): 77g (2 toast slices)

Ave. qty per serving % Daily Intake** per serving Ave. qty per 100g
Energy 715kJ (171Cal) 8% 929kJ (222Cal)
Protein 5.9g 12% 7.7g
Fat - Total 0.8g 1% 1.1g
  - Saturated 0.1g 0% 0.1g
Carbohydrate 30.8g 10% 40.0g
  - Sugars 0.9g 1% 1.1g
Dietary Fibre 7.6g 25% 9.9g
Sodium 409mg 18% 532mg

** Percentage daily intakes are based on an average adult diet of 8700 kJ. Your daily intakes may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs.

138 reviews for Hi-Fibre Lo-GI White Block Loaf

  1. Lillian Whymark

    I came upon this bread by accident. I wanted a LowFOD Loaf, but they were sold out. This bread is truly delicious. I hardly ever eat white bread as it has no ‘substance.’ This one is great and my BGL’s do not go sky high after eating it. Would definitely recommend it to anyone needing to watch their Glycemic loading.

  2. Kat Bain

    Absolutely deliciously Devine!!!! Sooo soft!

  3. Sue

    I eat no other. It is really a lovely bread

  4. Rachael

    The softest bread, stays fresh for a while…me and my partner can’t stand any other white bread now. This one is the best. And it’s vegan! 😀

  5. Sarah

    This is delicious bread and is just as soft and tasty as the traditional white bread. I will be buying again.

  6. Sarah

    This is the only bread I buy. It stays fresher longer and doesn’t go to waste in our house, like other brands of bread. I am a bread snob and like my bread fresh the day I want to eat it. This is still good a couple of days afterwards and satisfies my snobbery!

  7. John Smith

    My family’s favourite bread! The kids love the soft crusts 🙂

  8. Renee

    Always fresh and great texture

  9. Fiona Russell

    Love this bread – so soft and tasty. Stays fresh longer and great for morning toast and lunchtime sandwiches. Always purchase one and a spare – doesn’t last long at my place.

  10. Sarina Van Van den ende

    I started eating this bread when I was pregnant with gestational diabetes. It was lower in carbs than other white bread. I love the taste and how it doesn’t give me that heavy tummy feel like other white breads do. Won’t eat anything else but Hi-Fibre Lo-GI 🙌🙂

  11. Peter

    Our favourite of them all!

  12. ST

    Stays fresher for longer! – delicious too!

  13. Tamara Schembri

    I love this bread, it stays fresh for days and also after being frozen is still fresh and delicious.

  14. Sue Percival

    My whole family loves this product! We have tried similar versions offered by other bakers – but nothing compares to the quality, taste, and freshness. I have even put this in the freezer, taken it out months later, defrosted and the quality is still there. It’s delicious, it’s soft, it’s quality, it’s healthy! I originally bought this product many years ago to ensure my children (who have now grown up) had something healthy in their lunchbox. It has remained a firm favourite in our house, even though my children have grown up and moved away – nothing compares. Highly recommended, a truly fabulous product!

  15. Ian McIntyre

    The only bread I will eat stays fresh for days and I love it.

  16. Libby Hughes

    This is my ‘go to’ everyday loaf – it has the softness of white loaves and an amazing crust. The texture when it’s toasted is amazing!

  17. Betty Seuren

    Delicious bread, soft texture and tastes great and toasts beautifully

  18. Maree

    We started buying this bread for a family member with type 2 Diabetes after a recommendation from our local Bakers Delight. It has become a firm family favourite, and always great quality.

  19. Maria Daniele

    The softest most yummy bread, with lots of butter on and toasted.

  20. Sheena Fitzgerald

    This is the only bread myself and my family eat. We have tried others but none compare to the great taste or freshness (even after being frozen), so we stick with these loaves. Definitely get a 5 star rating.

  21. Carole

    Great bread lasts for ages. Your LowFOD bread is also another great product. I find there is no other bread that matches the quality you put into your baking. Would not buy our bread anywhere else. I often make sandwiches for guests and the remark is always lovely bread because most people only buy $2 foaf at Coles or Woolies – not me! Keep up the top quality.

  22. Joanne

    My favourite loaf of bread. I can’t eat any other brand bread again after this magnificent tasting soft melt in the mouth bread. I hope it stays for a long time.

  23. Kim Kasper

    Love the taste, the softness and Lo-GI which keeps me fuller for longer. I make a special trip to Bakers Delight to pick it up. No 2nd best for my family.

  24. Elaine Hillier

    White bread with substance, and stays very fresh. The whole family love it. Even better, it’s sold with a smile by the lovely Beach Street Frankston team!

  25. Patricia Veness

    The best bread on the coast. When I had stomach problems, it was the only thing I could eat had tried other bread but always go back.

  26. Kel

    Greatest bread since sliced bread!

  27. Desiree

    So fresh and delicious – a great healthy loaf for the whole family!

  28. Aleatha Fletcher

    My all time favourite bread! Nothing can beat it ! 🙌🏻 Whole family love it here.

  29. Prue Martin

    Bakers Delight is always exceptional in quality and flavor. This loaf is great for my children – goes well with all fillings.

  30. Liz S.

    Always fresh, always soft, always available at my local Bakers Delight store. What more could you ask for!

  31. Kym mathews

    My family knows when I have been to Bakers Delight. This bread is far superior than other supermarket breads I occasionally purchase. We love high fibre bread.

  32. Leanne Clark

    My go to bread every time.
    I love it and know I’m eating something that’s good for me. Will never change!

  33. Jessica

    This is my fav loaf to purchase. I know my family is getting good bread with no preservatives.

  34. Faye Scott

    Bakers Delight closed in our town so I travel 35kms to purchase this delicious block loaf. I buy 6 loaves at a time, put 5 in the freezer and when defrosted they are just as if I had bought them that day. Great for toasties, sandwiches, breakfast toast and much more. Best quality bread for over a 50km radius from where I live.

  35. Amanda Deer

    The Hi-Fibre Lo-GI block loaf is the only bread we buy for our family. It is soft, tastes great and fills up my always hungry children.

  36. Lyn Cooper

    No other bread compares with the hi-fibre loaf. It is great for sandwiches or my favourite is bringing it home fresh and having a slice with peanut butter. Even tastes great when toasted. I always keep a spare loaf in the freezer and when defrosted it still retains its freshness.

  37. Robyn Nutter

    Best bread ever, always does what I need it to do – perfect sandwich, perfect toast, perfect jaffle.

  38. Vanos Anne

    A beautiful healthy soft bread that stays fresh for days.

  39. Mary

    A drop-of-the-hat purchase I will never forget (or regret!)
    The flavour, texture, even the smell, are all absolutely wonderful. A very versatile bread, can be used for sandwiches, toast, as an entree with olive oil, even bread and butter pudding. On top of all that, it’s low GI and high fibre rating makes this bread safe for use in my home full of hungry teenagers who are never full until I whip out this loaf and they’ve eaten a few slices. Hands down one of my absolute favourites from ANY bakery.

  40. Joann lim

    My Husband first got this bread due to a diabetes scare but it has turned out to be everyone’s favourite at home. The children have started eating bread again and I am happy they have chosen a healthier choice!

  41. Luke

    Best bread ever. Have been using this bread for years and has always been consistently high quality.

  42. Lou

    Everyone loves it, always fresh & tasty, white bread that is healthy, you can’t beat that.

  43. Kathleen Moore

    Health option and saves me lots of dough lol

  44. Sacheen Mackay

    My family loves the Hi-Fibre Lo-GI White bread & rolls. It has a nice crust and the bread is so soft & it stays fresh for days.

  45. Michele Mullen

    Finally found a healthy high fibre bread that doesn’t taste like your eating a hessian bag😂

  46. Stuart Brown

    Fantastic product, get for my diabetic partner and good for all of us whilst tasting fantastic too. We get a couple of these per week!

  47. Cathy Holt

    Really love most of the products, service is always friendly and with a smile. Tasty samples are always good too. Keep up the good work.

  48. Julia

    Best white loaf EVER! Tastes so good every time I buy it. Good for basically everything such as sandwiches, garlic bread, and french toast.

  49. Nicole Groth

    This bread is a favourite of our whole family! It feels fresh for a few days, if it lasts that long. Love it.

  50. Pio Albanese

    Great for sandwiches and especially good for toasting!

  51. Marie Ford

    Great bread all rounder for sandwiches and toast etc!

  52. Karen Robinson

    I have been buying this bread for years now and my whole family love it. It has a lovely soft texture buy is has more substance than plain white bread.It is the only bread I buy and I only wish there was a Bakers Delight store closer to my home although I don’t mind the travelling to get this loaf.

  53. Melanie Archer

    My favouritist bread in ever. Always so soft and fresh even after a few days if you are looking for a fresh sandwich. Perfection as toast whether it be with a vegemite type topping or topped with smashed avo, bacon and eggs. An all time favourite amongst not only my family but my friends and everyone I have spoken to about it – yer I talk about the bread – who wouldn’t?

  54. Myrla Sakey

    This is bread that is suitable for my family’s need. You don’t need to sacrifice its tastes while ensuring you’re eating healthy.

  55. Judy Spehr

    Beautiful bread. So soft & lasts for days.

  56. Kristy

    Absolutely the best bread on the market … it tastes incredible and is soo much better for our family that they don’t even notice it’s not normal white bread… it is amazing fresh and the crust gets sooo crispy when you toast it .. there’s no other better bread.

  57. Margaret Airey

    Good healthy bread as I have to have more fibre have been buying this bread for year now and I eat no other bread.

  58. Joanne Picking

    It’s so light & fluffy & I like that I’m giving my family a healthier choice than some other white breads.

  59. Daniel

    This is by far the best bread I have ever brought. It tastes incredible & is very soft; whatever it’s purpose it enhances & makes it taste even better. E.g. toasted & smothered with peanut butter = amazing 🙌🏻

  60. Lynne Pope

    Bakers Delight New Town store in Hobart make the absolute best Hi Fibre Lo GI. I purchase this bread whenever we are on holidays – they are all good but New Town is simply the best! Love it.

  61. Sue

    Truly delicious bread.

  62. Erinne

    This bread is perfect for white bread lovers who are heath conscious! It’s nice and soft and melts in your mouth. This is still my favourite bread ever since it was first introduced.

  63. Nicholle Haas

    Best bread by far, certainly don’t feel bloated after eating it, keeps and freezes well.
    This is always my go-to choice for bread.

  64. Lorraine Marsden

    Always buy this loaf loved by all the family!

  65. Deborah Waring

    This bread is by far the best low GI bread on the market.

  66. KJ

    This bread is exactly what I need to maintain a healthy diet whilst not feeling like I’m missing out on great taste.

  67. Colin Pendlebury

    I love all the products that I have tried from Bakers Delight but I find that the Hi-Fibre Lo-GI Loaf is wonderful. When eating it I feel like I am eating a normal white loaf, not something that is healthy. Well done Bakers Delight Mid Valley Morwell. Greg and Mel, not only do you both (and your staff) give great customer service, you sell wonderful, yummy food.

  68. Mark Petterson

    The best loaf in the shop. Stays softer and fresher for longer than other bread so as well as tasting great it offers great value for money.

  69. Edith Cargill

    We love this bread, tastes great, freezes well and stays fresh much longer than other breads we have tried!

  70. Sarah

    Love how long this bread stays fresh. It’s soft and fluffy and is beneficial to my health. A great product that the whole family enjoys. Can’t get enough of this Hi-Fibre Lo-GI goodness!

  71. Bronwyn Sims

    The best bread ever. Stays fresh for much longer than other bread. Is very filling too.

  72. David Phillips

    Lovely and soft, fresh for day and makes great toast!

  73. Christine Farrell

    Love the hi fibre/low GI loaf. Is the only bread we eat. Have now converted our grandchildren as well. Love the taste and it keep you feeling full longer.

  74. Terese Sinclair

    My Hubby & I love this loaf, we have this bread everyday, very delicious with salad food or just a plain sandwich. I have recommended this to family & friends & pleased to know I have reformed them as they also buy this loaf.

  75. Cathy Crooks

    My go-to loaf of bread. Nice and soft, stays fresher for days longer than a traditional loaf, freezes well.

  76. Tracey Walker

    Was recommended to try this bread by my sister, who didn’t let me down. Great for texture and taste. Stays fresh for longer. It is now the only bread I regularly purchase.

  77. Chris Davey

    Loved this bread. My family don’t like healthier types of bread but with this loaf I can give them the white bread they love with a great taste of a healthier alternative.

  78. Bev Ryan

    We love this bread and it stays fresh for a few days. Also healthy. We also love your other varieties too many to mention.

  79. Lynette Sexton

    Sliced thinly, this is the only white bread that my husband and I can tolerate. It tastes great, stays fresh for a long time and also freezes well.

  80. Barb Harrop

    Beautiful bread from a great Bakers Delight Marion SA

  81. Bryan Butler

    Being a diabetic this loaf is amazing with its Lo-GI characteristics! It is made in the old style of a fulsome loaf. If it is cooked lightly it is moist and lasts for days. I prefer to cut the slices nice and thick. I can’t get enough of it!!

  82. Donald Deutscher

    Yes I think this one is a winner for BD; like they say there isn’t any goodness in some white breads but this one is the exception for sure. And you dont feel bloated after eating it like you with so many others

  83. Jet

    My diabetic husband will only eat white bread…I happily serve him this bread and he can’t tell the difference. is also great for caravanning…keeps and freezes well. Highly recommended

  84. Sonja Doidge

    Family favourite. It looks like classic white loaf but keeps you satisfied longer with its Low GI fibre. Fluffy inside and softly crusty outside. Delicious!

  85. Garrie Lake

    BEST Bread on the market, we don`t need it for any health reasons, it just tastes great. Can`t eat any other white bread now.

  86. Irene Marks

    Found this beautiful bread when my husband was diagnosed with diabetes. He thinks it’s fabulous & he can eat white soft fluffy bread. And for me it’s the only bread I’ve come across that doesn’t taste like cardboard (haven’t tried all your other breads though). And yes the crust if soft, lovely & I eat it all. Freezes really well too. Thank You

  87. Verity

    My favourite bread. Not because it’s healthy but because it tastes delicious. Lovely soft floury crust. Toasts well too. Stays soft but doesn’t last long in our house because we just ‘yum’ it up 😉

  88. Ross Higgins

    As with all bread from Bakers Delight, it is absolutely beautiful bread, fresh or toasted. Love it right to the last bite. Fantastic fresh with butter and Vegemite.

  89. Tricia Upton

    Great loaf and one of my favourites. It is wonderful for sandwiches or toast. Tends to stay fresh longer. Love it.

  90. Brian Edward Hanlon

    This my favourite loaf, it remains fresh and is great for sandwiches and lasts longer when frozen.

  91. Brisbane beans

    Soft and delicious – would never be able to tell it’s more healthy!

  92. Lea Page

    I like this loaf because of how healthy it is re Low GI!

  93. Candace

    This product is a godsend. White bread that is better for you. My daughter is not a fan of bread with seeds yet so this is what I give her instead.

  94. Nicole Pinkerton

    I love this bread. It’s light and tastes delicious. I tried the same type of bread in Coles but it doesn’t come close to the freshness or flavour of Bakers Delights.

  95. Kaz

    Love this “white bread.” Stays fresh longer always a favourite.

  96. Alan

    Perfect start to the day with this bread – it toasts great and you feel satisfied after a couple of slices.

  97. Bernie Blair

    Great bread, nice crust and soft inside.

  98. Catherine Bryant

    Best bread I ever had. I buy the seeded wholemeal too. Stays fresh and taste is great, can’t eat a whole loaf so I buy sliced and freeze it, use a couple slices at a time, you would think it was just bought, freezes beautifully. Never buy any other bread than Bakers Delight, it’s my go-to place for all my fresh bakery requirements.


    It is good for diabetics for my husband who only likes white bread. Soft and fresh!


    My husband only like white bread. Is good with a low GI. Soft and fresh!

  101. Kristie

    Delicious! Kids and adults love this bread!

  102. Trudy

    Such a delicious soft loaf and bonus that it’s high fibre and low GI so feel ‘healthier’ snacking on fresh bread and butter. Yum!

  103. Kareen Watt

    The best bread ever! So soft, easy to digest and always fresh. I certainly know the difference when I’m at someone else’s place and they serve supermarket bought loaves. Bakers Delight is the best (sandwich cut please!)

  104. Brett Page

    The whole family loves this bread. Soft, fluffy and good for you all at the same time!

  105. Meagan Thorpe

    This is the best bread in the whole wide world, soft, tasty, and the best bread for fresh sandwiches. I totally think it is amazing and I love it, and everyone I know loves it!

  106. Luan Morris

    Loooooove white bread, and finding one that I can have being a type 2 diabetic is awesome. It’s really hard to stop at 2 slices!!!

  107. Sandra McPhan

    This is my favourite bread. It is so soft and stays fresh for a few days, not that it lasts that long in our house. 😋 It is also delicious toasted.

  108. Laura Faiers

    This is so good ! Also its got no dairy!

  109. Olivia

    Simply the best, our household only buys this bread!

  110. Geoffrey Badman

    The nicest bread I have ever eaten.

  111. Gail Roberts

    It’s my family’s favourite. Always stays so fresh. Bakers Delight is so much better than any other bakery’s bread and heaps better than the supermarket.

  112. Darron Rucioch

    Our first choice bread! Equally great for sandwiches and toast and good healthy option for children as well.

  113. Astha

    Love it. Always fresh!

  114. Janice Schofield

    Thanks Bakers Delight.
    Great way to add more fibre into the diet.

  115. Barbara

    A three generations favourite in my family. This is all our favourite must have, for sandwiches and toast .🍞❤

  116. Margaret Lees

    Omg the best white bread ever. It is great fresh in a sandwich, makes out of this world toasted cheese sandwiches, it great as toast with crunchy peanut butter and Nutella and holds its own with scrambled eggs. It will last in the fridge for over 3 weeks if not eaten before then.

  117. Carol Fowler

    I was constantly getting indigestion with any bread I ate… fresh or toasted… then a friend put me onto this. I haven’t looked back. We always have about 4 – 5 loaves in the freezer. Even take it with us when we stay over night somewhere.. Thanks for making this…

  118. Tameka

    Absolutely love the freshness of this bread! It stays so soft and the whole family really LOVES it! Also a great way to get more fibre! Thanks Bakers Delight!

  119. Angela Walker

    Great tasty low GI bread. It tastes just like white bread. Bonus being also high fibre. Well done Bakers Delight!

  120. Alfred Leung

    A great healthy bread for everyone in everyday use. Can’t find anything in the market comparable. .

  121. Linda Brooks

    My husband just loves white bread and this bread is really great.
    It is not a heavy bread as some white breads are.
    My grandchild love coming to my place because they know that Nana and Poppa only ever buy Bakers Delight bread and this bread gives them a healthy choice, more fibre and a lower GI count than lots of other bread.
    This bread also freezes really well so I always have a loaf on hand for emergencies. Family favorite!

  122. Elise

    This is by far the best loaf of white bread available. Typically I will only purchase grainy or wholemeal bread for my household but this loaf is the one exception we make to that rule. The slices holds up very well fresh or toasted.

  123. Gary

    Best bread around! Always fresh with a chewy crust and still has the fresh taste for days!

  124. Lisa

    This bread ticks all the boxes for me, full of flavour and goodness for a white bread. Freezes exceptional well too!

  125. Len Page

    My wife and I always buy this loaf as we find it stays fresher longer and makes very good toast.

  126. Kylie T

    This Hi-Fibre Lo-GI White Block Loaf is delicious, soft and a pleasure to eat. It stays fresher for longer and wonderfully supports our active lifestyle & healthy diet. We feel fuller for longer after eating and it is a great source of energy. So gentle on tummies being dairy friendly, lo gi and I like that it is vegan, nut and egg friendly too. Always made to the highest quality and with a genuine love & respect for culinary delightfulness that we simply adore; a big thanks, from our family to yours!

  127. Catherine Hickey

    I love this bread. it is soft, delicious and filling. It also freezes well for making sandwiches for work or school.

  128. Nick Karantzakis

    Tastes like bread of yesteryear, I remember when bread came in waxed paper bags, the taste was different back then, reminds me of my childhood.

  129. Lucia

    This bread tastes amazing and never seems to go hard unlike other brands. Always fluffy and my boys love it for their sandwiches.

  130. Val Perfect

    Love this bread, it freezes well and if you have reflux problems, doesn’t sit in your throat and is easy to digest. Stays fresh much longer.

  131. Meghan

    Soft, fluffy and comfy on the tummy. I love this loaf, and give it to the whole family.
    Nothing beats eating it same day 🤤
    I used to get low fodmap but got this one day and it’s not as upsetting on my stomach when I eat it 👌🏻

  132. Tim

    Beautiful soft loaf that is inexpensive for the family. It goes well with any spread.

  133. Yolande

    Love this bread and go through several loaves every week. Our go to bread for school lunches. !

  134. Andy laddd


  135. Christine Graham

    This is and will always be my go to bread. Everyone who’s said it’s fine for days after, is right. I keep mine in the fridge and it’s perfectly fine. I freeze them, and they’re always perfect once defrosted. It’s just the -best- bread. My husband has the occasional issue with white bread, but it works just so well for him, it doesn’t leave him feeling sick at all.

  136. Jon

    The best!

  137. Gary

    Super soft, stays fresh for a couple of days. Best bread I’ve ever tried

  138. Helen McCarthy

    Kids call it “The Good Bread” and ask the question “is this The Good Bread” when offered a sandwich.
    We buy several loaves a week will travel afar if the local Bakers Delight has run out.
    Nothing else will cut it. It’s delicious and good for you. Don’t change a thing…and make more of it.

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