It’s nearly time to hang up the cobwebs, dust off the witch’s hat and spook up the kids’ lunch boxes! 

With Halloween just around the corner, here are 8 spooky food ideas to get your kids in the spirit for trick-or-treating…

The Essential Ingredients

  1. Ghostly Sangas

    A ghost-shaped sanga is one of the easiest ways to inject a bit of Halloween excitement into the kids’ lunch. Just cut the bread into a ghost shape, fill it with their favourite sandwich fillings and use olives, cherry tomatoes or berries for the eyes.

  2. Apple of Mummy’s Eye

    For those with a sense of humour, wrap gauze around fruit, add googly eyes and voila – a boo crew ready for lunchtime wickedness.

    Source: Mum’s Grapevine

  3. Snack Hands

    A simple twist in packaging takes a snack from average to spooky in no time. Swap the traditional plastic zip lock bag for a food service (non-latex) glove. Fill with your snack of choice and tie with some festive orange ribbon.

    Source: Food Network

  4. Cup of Fright

    It might not be a pumpkin, but it’s sure to put a smile on your kids’ faces when they see these faces on their fruit cups!

    Source: Lil’ Luna

  5. Monster Bites 

    It might be cheesy, but we love these bite sized monsters made from Babybel mini cheeses. Unwrap the cheese, remove the middle wax strip and then use a knife to carefully cut out some terrifying faces. For the googly eyes, be sure to only use non-toxic kids PVA glue.

    Source: Mum’s Grapevine

  6. Franken-kiwi

    For the mad scientists, this healthy Halloween snack is BOOtiful! Just cut a zigzag hairline into a kiwi fruit and then peel the skin down from the zigzag line. A great addition to any lunch box or after school bite.

    Source: Two Healthy Kitchens

  7. So Cheesy My Pretty

    Three ingredients and you have yourself a tasty treat that will fly out of the lunchbox!
    To make witches broomsticks, just slice string cheese fingers into thirds. Use a knife or scissors to cut a fringe pattern on the lower half of the cheese. Insert a pretzel stick into the cheese, making the broomstick and tie a chive around the top.

    Source: Healthy Diet

  8. Made with Real Fingers

    For an extra special Halloween snack, treat the kids to our spooky, sweet Finger Bun with white, orange and purple 100s & 1000s for a limited time only!