DOUGH GETTERS The new rewards program designed with customers, for customers

The renowned Bakers Delight Delightful Rewards Stamp Card is making way for an exciting new Rewards program, specifically designed to make it easy for all customers to earn rewards, no matter how much they spend per transaction.

When the Bakers Delight team discovered that only 36% of their customers were using the stamp card, they knew they had to make a change. They wanted to know why 64% of their customers were not taking the opportunity to be rewarded for their loyalty, so they decided to ask them directly.

Multiple research groups were interviewed to ensure Bakers Delight understood exactly what their customers wanted and needed from their ideal rewards program. They learned that customers weren’t using the Delightful Rewards Stamp Card because the rewards on offer were irrelevant to them. They also found that 20% of customers were aware of the Delightful Rewards Stamp Card but simply couldn’t use it because they didn’t reach the minimum spend or forgot to carry the physical card. 

But the learnings didn’t stop there. Customers also told them their major desires for a new program included the ability to earn every purchase and to be rewarded with a free product/s of their own choosing, rather than being restricted to a limited range of free product options.

Hearing that their long-standing Delightful Rewards Stamp Card was no longer meeting the needs of customers was tough to hear, but it was the catalyst the Bakers Delight team needed to go away and build an exciting new rewards program. A program that can meet all of the needs the research groups had pointed out, to enable them to reward more customers in a way that is both appealing and relevant to them.

So with just weeks until the new-look program hits selected bakeries across the Ballarat and Geelong region, what can customers expect to see? Well firstly, customers will have the option to use either a physical card, or a new smart phone app. Forgot your card or phone? That’s not a problem! Customers can even earn rewards by just stating their mobile number in-bakery instead.

Perhaps even more importantly, customers will be able to earn for every dollar and cent they spend, with no minimum spend required. They will also be able to choose what to spend their reward voucher on, which could be any in-bakery produce, from a loaf for the fam or a sneaky treat for themselves and everything in between.

Another perk of the new rewards program is the ability to receive personalised offers. While the current Delightful Rewards Stamp Card is a very ‘one size fits all’ approach, the new program will offer customers a wide range of offers that are more relevant to them and their lives, whether it be a free gift on their birthday or a host of tailored special offers to enjoy.

With all the updates, it’s no wonder that Bakers Delight staff and customers are buzzing about the new rewards initiative coming to a bakery near you very soon!

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