TESTIMONIALS Case study: How chasing the sunshine was the best business move Bec and Aran could make

After a work trip to Queensland, Bec fell in love with the Sunshine Coast, so when an opportunity to purchase the Mooloolaba bakery came up, Bec and Aran jumped at the chance.  

Despite living away from family and having a young family, in 2019 Bec and Aran were able to open their second bakery Birtinya. Although going from one bakery to two was a challenge at first, once it became established and staff were trained they now say it is easier than owning the one.

Even after purchasing their second bakery, Bec and Aran are still able to enjoy the amazing weather and outdoor activities the Sunshine Coast has to offer with their two children. To be able to do this, while remaining confident their bakeries are running smoothly, Bec and Aran spend a lot of time training their staff.

“Bakers Delight produces a great online training system, Breaducate. All of our staff complete online training prior to their first shifts so they have a greater understanding of their roles, responsibilities and then we simply work with them to keep developing their skills. Having amazing and well-trained staff allows us to have greater freedom to spend more time with the kids and be as active as possible in their schooling and extra-curricular activities,” said Bec.

Bec and Aran also spend a lot of time with each other, both in and out of the bakery, and although working with your partner may seem daunting to some, Bec and Aran really enjoy it.

“It was a real learning curb and took some time to get used to in the beginning. Now we have defined roles and work really well together as a team,” said Bec.

Both their ability to work together and their commitment to developing staff made opening their second bakery much easier and the couple now have plans to one day own three or four bakeries across the Sunshine Coast.