Choc Raspberry Hot Cross Bun Layer Cake

Choc Raspberry Hot Cross Bun Layer Cake

  • Serves 12
  • Difficulty Medium

A match made in heaven – Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns and raspberries! A delicious and impressive way to celebrate Easter with your friends and family!



9 Bakers Delight Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns
600ml thickened cream
3 tbsp icing sugar
250g fresh or frozen raspberries


    1. Step 1

      Line a 20cm springform cake pan with baking paper

    2. Step 2

      Cut each Hot Cross Bun in half crossway and put 6 tops to the side for topping the cake

    3. Step 3

      Place 6 Hot Cross Bun bases into the base of the prepared pan

    4. Step 4

      Place the cream and icing sugar into a large bowl and whip to soft peak consistency. Spoon half of the cream over the buns that are in the pan and layer with half of the raspberries

    5. Step 5

      Continue layering the buns, cream and raspberries before finally topping with the 6 tops you set aside earlier

    6. Step 6

      Place the cake in the fridge to set for at least 3 hours

    7. Step 7

      Remove the cake from the pan before serving