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LOAVESWholegrain LowFOD Block Loaf

Certified by Monash, our Wholegrain LowFOD Loaf is made for sensitive tummies! It’s also high in protein and baked with 5 delicious grains and seeds.

  • Dairy friendly
  • Egg friendly
  • Low FODMAP
  • Nut friendly
  • Vegan friendly

$6.50 RRP

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Wheat Starch, Water, Grains (9%) (Oat Bran, Kibbled Sorghum), Wheat Gluten, Wheat Protein Isolate, Seeds (4.5%) (Sesame Seeds, Linseed, Poppy Seed), Vegetable Oil (Canola), Wheat Flour, Yeast, Sugar, Iodised Salt, Dextrose, Durum Semolina, Vegetable Gum (464), Malt Flour, Soy Flour, Psyllium Powder, Vitamins (Thiamin, Folic Acid).

May Contain: Milk, Tree Nuts, Lupin, Rye, Barley, Spelt

Servings per package: 9 (16 toast slices & 2 crusts)
Serving size (Ave.): 78g (2 toast slices)

Ave. qty per serving % Daily Intake** per serving Ave. qty per 100g
Energy 881kJ (211Cal) 10% 1130kJ (270Cal)
Protein 10.5g 21% 13.5g
Fat - Total 5.5g 8% 7.1g
  - Saturated 0.9g 4% 1.1g
Carbohydrate 27.6g 9% 35.4g
  - Sugars 1.4g 2% 1.8g
Dietary Fibre 1.8g 6% 2.3g
Sodium 342mg 15% 439mg

** Percentage daily intakes are based on an average adult diet of 8700 kJ. Your daily intakes may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs.
FODMAP - Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides And Polyols.

77 reviews for Wholegrain LowFOD Block Loaf

  1. Leanne Codner

    This bread is the best I’ve had. Would be great to be able to get bread rolls as well. Would be very happy to purchase them as well

  2. John Potter

    I agree with Leanne. Needing to be on a FODMAPs diet is a pain. Gluten free breads are not necessarily Low FODMAP, and are generally very ordinary. This LowFOD bread (not gluten free I believe) from Bakers Delight is my bread of choice now.

  3. Vivienne Chapman

    Mmmm! I love the nutty undertone flavours. Yum!

  4. Kitty

    Even if I could eat FODMAPs, having now tried this bread, I would still continue to buy it ^_^ Easily the best wholegrain bread I’ve ever tried! It has satisfying crusty edges, but is still delightfully soft in the middle and has that comforting, slightly nutty wholegrain flavour =] I’m so over the moon to actually have amazing wholegrain bread that I can eat!! =D

  5. Kate

    So delicious! I love bread so I was excited to find that Baker’s Delight has low FODMAP products. Super yummy.

  6. Wendy

    This is a delicious bread with wonderful texture. So thankful to be able to have a real sandwich again.

  7. Chris

    Best bread, highly recommended. The LowFOD Rolls are also excellent

  8. Cherry

    Seriously amazing!! Tastes so good! No tummy issues what so ever eating this and Vegan friendly! I don’t eat bread but I tried a sample loaf from Birtinya and I’m hooked.
    I’ll be buying this weekly for sure!
    Must try it if you haven’t already

  9. Dianne

    Thankyou Bakers Delight for making this delicious and easy to digest bread. The first time I ate this I noticed the difference. No bloating or discomfort. I can eat bread again!!

  10. Matt Karle

    Yep….Tastes good and as a Low Fodmap beginner this is a real benefit to maintain a generally normal diet. Thanks for making this product

  11. Christine Wright

    This bread is so good, it has changed my life! I can eat a sandwich for lunch knowing that I won’t have any tummy problems. It is delicious and so soft! Thank you Bakers Delight.

  12. Jacky

    First decent bread I’ve been able to eat in a long time. Please make more low FODMAP products.

  13. Melanie

    Fantastic product! Thanks for giving us poor IBS sufferers a great alternative. Would be keen to purchase bread rolls as well.

  14. Nicole

    My partner loves this bread too! When I told him I had found this lowFOD bread he groaned, now he happily eats it & even sometimes says “is this still that low-gluten bread?” cos he’s amazed it tastes so good!

  15. Sally Luttrell

    Outstanding in every aspect. Even the grandkids like it which is really the ultimate accolade! It’s a shame that Bakers Delight don’t promote it more because I notice that it’s getting harder to buy. I am sure more mothers would buy it if they understood how good it is.

  16. Colin Matthews

    Thankfully can enjoy eating bread again, thank you Bakers Delight for making a low FODMAP bread which tastes delicious.

  17. Sarah

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have missed bread so much since I had to start on the low fodmap diet. It is wonderful!

  18. Vanessa

    Thank you for making such a great low FODMAP bread. It tastes great and is easily digested. I was wasting so much money on buying sourdough spelt bread from health food stores which actually wasn’t easy to digest.
    I can eat sandwiches again and enjoy a cheese toasty!

  19. D White

    Thank you so much for producing a bread that we can eat on the FODMAP diet. Tastes great and the rolls are even better, such a shame that my local Bakers Delight only sells the loaf though and not the rolls too !

  20. Margaret Baldwin

    Really enjoy Low Fodmap bread from Bakers Delight..tastes great, like old fashion bread.. will buy it each week..

  21. Tanya

    Love this bread. The texture and the crust is amazing. Great fresh or toasted. Worth the price tag for a great bread that doesn’t hurt my tummy 🙂
    Love the rolls too!

  22. Tania

    The best tasting bread. No stomach bloating or discomfort.

  23. Nicole Davidson

    Have just started on low FODMAP and still figuring out what I can eat. Was so happy and surprised to see Bakers Delight had a specific bread that I could eat without having to ask or research all ingredients!! And it is delicious. Thank you

  24. Joanne

    My husband is happy with your low FODMAP bread on his low FODMAP diet. Bread was his go-to snack before finding out it could be causing his health issues. Doing without bread is now no longer an issue thanks to finding out about your low FODMAP bread. Would Love to see more low fodmap products in our local bakers delight.

  25. Brianna

    I love this bread. I missed bread when I had to eat gluten free bread while on the low fodmap diet. When this came to the market I was so excited as it tastes just like normal bread!

  26. Sharon

    Low FODMAP bread that tastes great and is like having “normal” bread.
    Occasionally it can become a little brittle after toasting, but otherwise perfect.

  27. Katie

    Thank you, Bakers Delight! This is fantastic bread for everyone – It’s crusty and soft all at once! It’s great that us IBS sufferers can easily buy suitable products that the whole family can enjoy.

  28. Celeste Stolk

    I love this bread! Delicious taste & great texture. Fantastic for sandwiches or toasted. Better yet being low FODMAP, I don’t have to miss out on bread anymore 👍

  29. Mary Tarrant

    So pleased that Bakers Delight is willing to work with dieticians to develop bread types to help so many folks with digestive problems to enjoy bread once again. This LowFOD bread tastes great and has a soft texture like normal bread. Although expensive compared to white bread it freezes very well.

  30. Kylie

    This bread was recommended to me as I’ve had bariatric surgery and missed being able to have toast and just bread in general, and although I don’t have this bread often, I buy a loaf every few months and keep it in the freezer it is the best bread ever. Still perfect when I take it out of the freezer for toast and still crispy even for the odd sandwich. I just love it and it is literally the only bread I eat. Would love to see it in rolls as well but for anyone that has had bariatric surgery like me this bread has been a godsend and I’m not even religious!

  31. Samantha Hartley

    I love the LowFod bread, I have it for breakfast and dinner most days. It’s great that it’s been certified safe for IBS suffers, which means I don’t have to worry about the ingredients.
    Would love to see more LowFod products coming to Bakers Delight in the future 🙂

  32. Vanos Anne

    Best bread ever. Healthy light and tasty. Only problem is it’s often sold out

  33. Julie

    This bread is so yummy, a nice crust and soft in the middle. The only bread I buy now.

  34. Jo

    Love this LowFOD Loaf. Fantastic result for my digestive system and soooo much better than gluten free bread. Such a great flavour too. Thank you for this wonderful alternative.

  35. Louise Atchison

    It’s so nice to be able to eat nice bread!

  36. Ann Halden

    The Wholemeal LowFOD bread is delicious and excellent for IBS. It is the only one I purchase now. Makes life a bit easier as far as diet goes. Thanks Bakers Delight

  37. janine soetens

    Love this bread. Having some issues with IBS, this is the only bread that doesn’t makes me feel bloated.

  38. Melissa Creswell

    This low FODMAP bread is a life changer. I have IBS and often bloat from bread but not when I eat this. It’s tasty too.

  39. Janaha Essex

    This bread has changed my life, being on the FODMAP diet makes everything limited and the gluten free bread is extremely bland with no taste. But this bread is heaven, the texture, taste is delicious and doesn’t upset my stomach at all!!! I can now enjoy having toast and sandwiches without the stress and worry of it upsetting my stomach. Good job bakers delight.

  40. Amy Louise Wedding

    Loving that this bread is Low FODMAP…It means I can still enjoy great bread, that tastes like REAL bread…but won’t give me tummy upsets..

  41. Narelle Moodie

    When I decided to try FOD, my biggest worry was having to eat GF bread but alas, I was saved. I love this bread. It tastes like real bread and toasts perfectly. Has been a real game changer for me and my guts!

  42. Kylie

    Lovely as my midday toasted sandwich that is part of my everyday lunch. Especially with tomato relish, spinach and cherry tomato. You can’t beat something like that for a lunch toastie. God bless and keep up the great baking. Cheerio, Kylie😉

  43. Lorraine Wheeler

    This is by far the best bread for those on the low FODMAP bread! It lasts well but is great toasted as well as fresh. We always have to find the nearest Bakers Delight when travelling so we don’t ever go without.

  44. Les F

    Terrific flavour and yeasty aroma. Stays fresh longer than a normal loaf. Before you did this loaf I had to eat gluten free bread which is pretty unpalatable. Even family members who are not low FODMAP love it. I buy your two loaf deal and freeze one which works well, living out of town. The wonderful staff at Tuggerah mark my card “LowFOD only” and give me a free LowFOD Loaf for every 5 stamps.

  45. rose jurd

    A very tasty stomach-friendly bread. Making it a bit more moist and with a crunch crust would create a perfect toast.

  46. Rebecca Mann

    I love this bread! As delicious as any Bakers Delight loaf but without any of the FODMAPs that set off my IBS. The Low FODMAP loaf has been a bit of a lifesaver as now I don’t have to run around town hoping to get a decent loaf of bread, I can get one every week from my local Bakers Delight.


    This bread is really nice and to be Low FODMAP is great. I buy it all the time even though it’s that bit more expensive. I would love rolls as well. Thanks Bakers Delight for being considerate of us that need to be on this diet!

  48. Rose Magaldi

    One of best products in the range, what would make it 5 stars would be gluten free!

  49. Sue Torok

    Love this bread, so good for my tummy. Unfortunately my local baker only makes the large loaf, just a bit big for one person.

  50. Jenny W

    This is the only bread I buy and eat. I’m so happy that my local Bakers Delight store at Paddington Brisbane has this in constant supply.

  51. D.W.Downing

    This bread is a life saver. For the first time in many years my wife and myself can actually enjoy bread without bloating and mid-gut colic. Thank you Bakers Delight.

  52. Megan

    I love this bread and my 6yo loves it too. Fresh or toasted, it’s delish! It would be great to be able to get rolls and wraps in LowFOD too!

  53. Tania Godfrey

    After many years of avoiding bread due to the crippling gut pains I would get the following day, I found Bakers Delight LowFOD = absolutely magic. Great taste and texture yet no pain.

  54. Beulah Rattray

    Very tasty low FODMAP bread. Fresh and delicious. Works well fresh and toasted. My tummy thanks you.

  55. Janet

    I am impressed with the LowFOD bread. It’s tasty and I can eat this real bread without the tummy issues. Thank you to Bakers Delight for producing a healthy loaf for us FODMAP people. It’s now a staple in my household. I would like it if there was a bread roll version please if possible.

  56. Kate

    Amazing! Such a joy to eat; soft inside and a yummy crust on the outside, and doesn’t upset my tummy (IBS). The hard part is stop eating it all in one go! My young kids enjoy it too, and will insist on a piece (or two) in the car on the way home.

  57. Sudha

    It’s so nice to eat freshly baked bread that is so tasty and not like other gluten free bread that tastes grainy and raw! The seeds in the bread adds a nutty flavour to it and gives it a lovely aroma when toasted. Thanks Bakers Delight! 😋

  58. Susan Bradford

    It is wonderful to be able to eat this bread and have no nasty reactions. The grains are perfect, not hard but just right, it keeps well so I can freeze it and have fresh bread each day. The best part is my husband likes it too so I don’t have to keep separate breads. Keep up this line please.

  59. Kelly

    I’m so happy I discovered the low FODMAP bread at Bakers Delight. It’s much cheaper than buying gluten free bread and it tastes good too 🙂

  60. Nicolle

    Tastiest low fodmap bread I have tasted, so glad I can eat bread again

  61. Valerie

    My perfect bread! Tastes good,toasts good, thank you Bakers Delight!

  62. Kelli Bunting

    This bread has changed my life. I’ve had IBS for 13 years, and have never found bread that likes me aside from this. I look forward to my favourite meal of the day each morning, which is this bread toasted 🧡 Makes me and my belly happier 👍🍞.

  63. Snezana Zammit

    After being diagnosed with Fructose I found it hard to start with what foods I can & can’t eat. This LowFOD bread came just as I was struggling! I always have stock of this in my freezer so easy to pick off a few secs to enjoy! Best bread! Thanks Bakers Delight 😋

  64. Munier Suliman

    No more bloating, thank you Bakers Delight!

  65. Michelle H

    Absolutely yummy !!!!! My husband has no reaction to it at all which is a relief. And I find it doesn’t make you tired after eating it. Thank you and we will continue to buy from our Bakers Delight in Noranda 😊😊

  66. Jessica

    This bread is perfect for my low FODMAP diet. My stomach thanks you for this. Finally I can enjoy bread again! I’m excited to hear that my Bakers Delight is introducing LowFOD rolls and pizza bases!

  67. Kim

    So happy to find a true low fodmap bread. THANK YOU!!

  68. Margaret

    We have been buying the Bakers Delight LowFOD bread since it was first introduced. Started because I thought I had IBS, but that has now resolved.
    We continue to buy it as my hubby and I both enjoy the nutty seed flavours. It’s wholemeal without being too wholemeal. Now they have rolls as well, though I haven’t tried them. Excellent bread!

    Can you now make a decent lo-carb bread? Up for the challenge? Hope so.

  69. Olivia

    Bakers Delight LowFOD bread is so good. If you need to follow a low FODMAP diet, this is fantastic if you don’t want to give up bread altogether. Also great for those making a healthier choice at the bakery. It’s tastes awesome fresh if you like sandwiches and makes wonderful toast. It’s nice and fluffy and not dry at all. I still limit my bread intake and always get them to pop one loaf in two bags and freeze it. It lasts me ages, especially getting it cut in the thin style (sandwich cut). I would love the option of buying these in rolls so I can have a homemade hamburger. As far as I know you don’t supply these but I could be wrong. If you don’t, they would definitely be a good seller! I’d buy them!!

  70. Susie Murphy

    Bakers Delight Wholegrain LowFod Block Loaf is my absolute favorite bread it is so yummy & so fresh . I will keep on buying it & so healthy.

  71. Margaret

    I’m a recently diagnosed IBS patient and I’m so glad I found this bread on the Monash App. I have to drive a few suburbs to get it, so I buy a couple of large loaves sliced , then take it home and freeze 4 slices at a time in cling wrap and ziplock bags. I can assure you that when it thaws, it’s as good as fresh.

  72. Julie

    Brilliant tasty bread. Rolls, please!

  73. Nikki

    So thankful that this bread exists! Genuinely delicious bread and so helpful for people who have to be on low FODMAP diet. I love the nutritional quality of this bread as well. Thank you Bakers Delight!

  74. Bob

    It is FANTASTIC that Bakers Delight cater for Low FODMAP dietary requirements. Gluten free options don’t always work for some people so this bread caters for those of us who need the Monash Certified foods. It is a great tasting bread, does not go stale after the 2nd day, is not as heavy as a brick or stodgy. Finally, a baker has got the recipe correct! I buy in bulk and freeze and this doesn’t impact on taste, quality of freshness.

  75. Donna McDonald

    Love this bread. Easy to digest. Buying this bread every week. Love to see it made in rolls too.

  76. Jeff Boehme

    Only recently found out I have a FODMAP sensitivity, I went without bread for years and I missed it so much, now I can have fresh delicious bread and not feel sick afterwards, and in combination with Vegemite gluten free (which is also low fodmap) I can have Vegemite toast again and I could not be happier. Thanks Bakers Delight

  77. Jackie

    So thankful to have access to a low FODMAP bread, that actually tastes like bread, and has a great texture! Any plans on expanding the range?

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FODMAPs (Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides And Polyols) are carbohydrates (sugars) that are not fully absorbed in the small intestine. Subsequently they continue along the digestive tract to the large intestine where they are fermented by the bacteria living there. In some people, with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), this fermentation process leads to troublesome gut-related symptoms such as bloating, and excessive gas.

An estimated 1 in 7 Australians have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and experience symptoms of bloating and discomfort from foods that are high in FODMAPs. Many of them may have accepted that gas and bloating are a normal part of life without considering the impact of FODMAPs. These people may find their symptoms improve on a simplified low FODMAP diet and include breads such as the Wholegrain LowFOD™ Loaf instead of regular bread.

The Wholegrain LowFOD™ range is one of the most exciting developments to hit the bread market in recent years. It is the first ever, daily fresh baked bread that is low in FODMAPs and suitable for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), who experience bloating and other unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms after eating regular breads.

FODMAPs are types of carbohydrates (sugars) that for some can be poorly absorbed in the small intestine. What makes this bread appropriate for those on a low FODMAP diet is the way wheat is processed, which leads to a reduction in the amount of FODMAPs it contains. You can find more information about wheat and the low FODMAP diet on the Monash FODMAP blog.

No. Foods that are considered gluten-free have absolutely no gluten in them and, therefore, safe for people with Coeliac Disease (a serious autoimmune condition). The Wholegrain LowFOD™ Loaf contains wheat – therefore NOT a gluten free bread. This wheat has undergone a special process to reduce its FODMAP content, which is why it is a certified low FODMAP bread.

No. The Wholegrain LowFOD™ range contains flours that contain gluten such as wheat, so it is not suitable for people with Coeliac Disease. However, it may be suitable for those people who do not have Coeliac Disease, but have been avoiding gluten to minimise their gut symptoms.

FODMAPs may cause bloating and abdominal discomfort in some as they can remain in the digestive tract and ferment. This fermentation process produces gas which can lead to abdominal bloating. The Monash University Certified LowFOD™ range contain low amounts of FODMAPs so are less likely to contribute to bloating and abdominal discomfort than regular bread.

Yes. The Wholegrain LowFOD™loaves and rolls have been laboratory tested and proven to be low in FODMAPs by Monash University – the founders of the low FODMAP diet and the team that pioneered the research. The loaves and rolls carry the official Monash University Low FODMAP Certified™ logo, so customers can be confident they are making a low FODMAP choice.

This breakthrough in bread is considered low FODMAP because the majority of the fermentable sugars have been removed from the wheat used to make it, meaning it either reduces or removes the sugars that can ferment and cause gas in your intestines. As a bonus it is also high in protein, which supports healthy bones, tissue repair and building muscle mass.

The good news for people who follow a low FODMAP diet is that the Monash University Low FODMAP Certified™logo helps take the guesswork out of choosing the best options for them. Foods carrying this logo are recognised as a ‘safe’ option for the millions of people with IBS worldwide who require low FODMAP choices and are endorsed by Monash University – the founders of the Low FODMAP Diet.

Both the LowFOD™ loaves and rolls have been Monash University Low FODMAP Certified™ at a maximum of 2 toast slices OR 1 roll per sitting.

Yes. Bread is a regular feature in most people’s diet and is a good source of energy, fibre and whole grains. Many people have been put off regular bread because the ingredients may trigger symptoms. By switching to a bread like the Baker’s Delight Wholegrain LowFOD™ Loaf, many people may be pleasantly surprised to find that they can in fact enjoy fresh bread without any of the unpleasant symptoms.

This product isn’t made specially for those with diabetes but it may still be appropriate. Those with diabetes should first speak to their dietitian or doctor for personalised advice to meet their specific needs.

The good news is that there are many fresh fruits, vegetables and spreads that are low FODMAP and can be used as toppings. Tasty options include butter and vegemite, peanut butter and firm banana, cucumber and cream cheese. Please note, honey and some jams are high FODMAP and may not be appropriate. Check the Monash FODMAP App for more options.

Yes, FODMAPs are types of carbohydrates. Butter is a fat with no carbohydrate content, so it does not contain FODMAPs.

No, our Wholegrain LowFOD™ range is still based on the same great tasting recipe and meets all the criteria set by Monash for a low FODMAP product.

DID YOU KNOW? IBS affects 15% of the worlds population - that's 1 in 7 people!

Thankfully, a low FODMAP diet can reduce the symptoms and if you think bread is out of the question, think again!


We’re passionate about crafting bread that not only tastes great, but provides you with the nutrition you need to tackle each day! Each of our health loaves have a range of benefits, so whether you’re looking for a low FODMAP bread or a bread high in fibre, we have a solution for you. 




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