We have all the inspiration, tips and recipes you need to fill your kids’ lunch boxes – guaranteed to come home empty!

Back to School with Dr Joanna McMillan

We’ve teamed up with mum of two and well known nutritionist, Dr Joanna McMillan, to make going back to school that little bit easier with 20 delicious & healthy lunch box recipes. Our Healthy Solutions range has a loaf for even the fussiest of eaters, so pop into your local bakery today and try one for yourself!

Healthy Lunch Box Quick Wins 

Do you dread packing lunch boxes in the morning? We have the perfect quick wins to make that daily rush a little bit more bearable. 

Dr Jo shares her lunch box hacks that will give your kids the nutrition, brain power and energy they need to rule the school yard.

From leftovers in the roll and sneaking veggies into their lunches to understanding the Health Star Rating system, we have you covered to make sure your kids have the best start to the school year!


Dr Joanna’s Plate

The Dr Joanna Plate is a fabulous tool that you can apply to your kids’ lunch boxes. It is a way of visualising the lunch box and ensuring your kids are eating a balanced, optimised meal by breaking down the lunch box into 4 important sections.

  • Plants

    This means veggies and fruit, but wholegrains, legumes such as beans or chickpeas, and seeds also count. If your kids love nuts, keep them for snacking at home!

  • Protein


    This could be cold meat, hard-boiled egg, cheese, beans, fish including tuna or cooked salmon, tofu, and yoghurt. A milk or soy-based smoothie also adds protein to your kids diet.

  • Smart Carbs

    This is where bread fits in. Wholegrain bread is the healthiest choice, but for kids who will only eat white bread, our Hi-Fibre Lo-GI range is a big step in the right direction for those fussy eaters.

  • Good Fats

    Good Fats

    This might be hummus or avocado in the sandwich or as a dip, seeds in a muesli bar or muffin, or included in your protein choice such as salmon.

5 Day Lunch Box Planner

Use our planner for nutritious & fun lunch box inspiration

Week 1


Week 1


Week 1


Week 1


Week 1


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