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SCONESBerry & White Choc Scone

Real blueberries plus white choc chips, add up to irresistible. Treat your taste buds to a Berry & White Choc Scone today!

  • Egg friendly
  • Nut friendly

$2.30 RRP

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Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Milk Solids, Mineral Salts (450, 500), Salt, Emulsifer (481), Water, Blueberries (13%), White Compound Chip (13%) (Sugar, Milk Solids, Vegetable Fat (Soy), Emulsifier (322), Natural Vanilla Flavour).

May Contain: Rye, Barley, Oats, Spelt, Egg, Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Lupin

Servings per package: 1
Serving size (Ave.): 98g (1 scone)

Ave. qty per serving % Daily Intake** per serving Ave. qty per 100g
Energy 1230kJ (295Cal) 14% 1260kJ (301Cal)
Protein 6.1g 12% 6.2g
Fat - Total 8.5g 12% 8.7g
  - Saturated 3.8g 16% 3.9g
Carbohydrate 47.8g 15% 48.8g
  - Sugars 14.0g 16% 14.3g
Dietary Fibre 1.9g 6% 1.9g
Sodium 674mg 29% 687mg

** Percentage daily intakes are based on an average adult diet of 8700 kJ. Your daily intakes may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs.

72 reviews for Berry & White Choc Scone

  1. Caitlin Mitchell


  2. priya

    One of the best scones I have ever had when it’s warm and fresh in the morning!

  3. Natasha Wandji

    🤤 I love these scones! They are sweet & delicious!

  4. Rosie

    Love a fresh white choc berry scone with a hot cuppa.

  5. Jenni Thiel

    The absolute best scone ever – especially when purchased early in the morning and devoured for morning tea = perfect!

  6. Andre Davey

    Delicious when I feel like something sweet warmed up great afternoon tea.

  7. Sonia

    Lovely texture and flavour, nice warmed through with a cup of coffee on these cold wintery mornings!

  8. Suzan

    My favourite! The berry balances the sweetness of the white chocolate and it makes it all so good.

  9. Wil keogh

    Something different from the usual scone. Lovely with a cuppa!

  10. Laura

    Our favourite scone by far! The ultimate treat. Only problem is our local bakers delight often doesn’t bake them😩.

  11. Glenda

    A super delicious treat with blueberries that are so good for you and indulgent white chocolate, can’t stop at just one.

  12. Karena

    A great accompaniment to a coffee and a great pick me up. Full of flavour!

  13. Kara

    A lovely treat! On the next day I’ll zap it in the microwave for only 10 seconds so its soft and sweet!

  14. Melissa Garfield

    Such a delicious blend of chocolate and berries. Works together perfectly! Slightly warmed is even better.

  15. Lisa

    Perfectly paired with a cup of tea! So yum!

  16. Anne Coll

    White chocolate and berry in the right proportions, delicious.

  17. Mandy

    These are the best scones ever! They’re the perfect texture and they’re delicious whether you eat them with butter, without butter, toasted or non toasted! I’ve bought 2 packs each week for the last 2 years because the family loves them that much!

  18. Anne Vanos

    These scones are delicious Fabulous with your afternoon coffee.

  19. Joanne

    Delicious! Perfect for morning or afternoon tea. Good amount of berries and chocolate and baked just right.

  20. Noel Edward Wright

    A beautiful scone. Great texture, flavour, not too sweet and the right price.

  21. Caryn Spriggs

    The sweetness of the white chocolate is balanced perfectly with the slight tartness of the berries and this is one of the yummiest scones I have ever tasted! It is perfect for a little indulgence with a cup of tea either for morning or afternoon tea … or any time of day!

  22. kathryn lambert

    Something different and delicious. An absolute treat for afternoon tea 🙂

  23. Karen McWilliams

    Delightfully delicious when warmed, definitely our favorite!!

  24. Bronwyn

    I find these such a refreshing burst of flavor with the berries & white chocolate leaving you wanting to go back for more…….and more.

  25. Li Chin Ng

    Great texture and flavors, would have preferred it to be slightly less sweet though.

  26. Janet Prescott

    These are my Sunday morning treat with a latte. I love the juicy plump berries mixed throughout the scone mix, which makes the scones soft on the inside and with a light crust on the outside. The white chocolate adds that little extra something also. Win Win.

  27. Peter Stewart

    So juicy, so berry, so chocolatey!

  28. Natalie Kaprot

    Absolutely delicious!

  29. Mary

    Very addictive! Why stop at one!

  30. Ray R


  31. Bree Teo

    Never fails to make my day! I always treat myself to one of these on a tough days and it makes my day immediately so much better! Absolutely in love with them and would highly recommend!

  32. Simon O

    When you pop in store for something savory and there it is … no, I came in for something else. I end up leaving with one … just delicious!

  33. Jorge Contreras

    The best scones in town. The blueberry & white chocolate is my family’s favourite.

  34. Leesa S

    I squeal for this scrumptious scone. White choc and berries – what could be better!!

  35. Citra Kurniasih

    Mood booster in the morning.
    Crunchy outside, very soft inside.
    Could you please sell the coffee or hot chocolate as well? I think it would be completely amazing package for Bakers Delight (all in one). All the best


    Could never ever resist to have one or two every time I go pass the bakery…simply delicious.

  37. Patricia Pahl

    I have tried all of the scones and found them all terrific but I love the white choc scone the best. Delicious!

  38. Jo

    This has to be one of the best scones I’ve ever had. They are delicious and have such a beautiful combination of flavours. I highly recommend to all but make sure you save me one!!

  39. Glenn Lewis

    This is really one of your top products. Absolutely delicious at any time of the day. Perfect with a coffee or tea or a glass of milk. Beautifully balanced flavours and so to taste one of these is heaven. l have to have at least two or three of these gorgeous scones.

  40. Fiona Mitchell

    Light, fluffy texture the zesty-ness of the berries contrasts nicely with the sweet white chocolate.

  41. Kirstin

    These scones are just so delicious 😋 very moist and fruity. Yumm

  42. Donna Robinson

    This is my favourite scone ever. They are big, tasty, light and yummy. You don’t even need jam, just a dollop of thick cream and a cup of tea and I’m in heaven! Don’t ever stop making these fabulous scones.

  43. Kerrie

    These are so yummy!

  44. Megan Watkins

    Delicious! Such a great snack when on the go, particularly good when warmed.

  45. Lou Car

    Don’t believe in perfection, but this comes so close!

  46. Sandra Banks

    So delicious warmed up or cold!

  47. Jo

    Just the right balance of chocolate and fruit. These are my favourite, especially when warm!

  48. Thalia

    I love these scones to bits!! So moist and absolutely delicious with the blueberries and white chocolate combination. Hits the spot nicely and remains a favourite treat 🙂

  49. Dee Tully

    What can I say but YUMM!!!

  50. Kim

    The world’s best scone & happy to eat this delicious flavour combination for my lifetime!

  51. Gayle

    These scones are amazing with some butter on them and served with a cup of tea.

  52. Emma

    The berry and white chocolate scones are absolutely divine. The perfect balanced afternoon sweet treat.


    my favourite

  54. Sharon Campbell

    These are the best scones ever. No need for butter/cream/jam. They are beautiful all on their own.

  55. Jasmina Malkoc

    Consistently good! Delicious warm with a cup of tea or coffee. A great price for a filling and delicious snack!

  56. Janet Henderson

    Our favourite scone for morning tea or afternoon snack. Absolutely wonderful and we buy them every week without fail.

  57. Brett Page

    Best Scone ever!

  58. Alex Edgar

    The best Bakers Delight scone. Super Yummy.

  59. Michelle Costin

    So delicious and yummy!! Hard to resist, worth the calaries.

  60. Kerryn Townsend

    Delicious scone and my Mums all time favourite (mine too). So good it doesn’t even need butter!

  61. Karen Collins

    Oh my! Have been known to drive almost 2 hours to get my hands (and tastebuds!) onto some…. amazing when soft, warm and melt-in-your-mouth!

  62. Sheen Barron

    These are sooo yummy!

  63. Craig

    Outstanding scone- very generous with the blueberries and perfect for morning or afternoon tea!

  64. Jeanine Marshall

    I think I have gone to heaven! This is the most yummiest scone I have ever tasted, it is sweet enough to fix my sugar craving and fruity enough to be great for afternoon tea and big enough to be lunch as well, this is hands down my number 1 favourite!

  65. Adam Fenech

    The Berry & White Choc Scone is absolutely, without question, the tastiest and most delicious scone that I have ever had! It is especially scrumptious in the morning when it is still a little warm. YUM!!

  66. Vera

    Best ever. These were my addiction when I was pregnant! Loved them !!!

  67. Di Whale

    Never fails to satisfy……mmmmmm, so good!

  68. Angela A

    These are by far my favourite product from Bakers Delight – these scones are great!

  69. Stephanie Compton

    These never disappoint! I always buy them and find them tasty, solid and traditionally “sconie”!

  70. zeny ashley

    Always buy this scone love the blueberries and the yummy melt in the mouth texture of the bread!

  71. Charlotte Wilkie

    Delicious! Packed with flavour and such a yummy treat

  72. Sharon N

    My favourite, I could demolish a whole pack no problem. I love these scones.

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