Here are all the thrifty tips and tricks you never knew you’d need for Christmas day until now!


We know homeware stores have been pushing the “woodland-chic” look for Christmas decorations for years now but that’s not us. Instead, we’re repurposing forgotten bits and pieces from birthdays and Christmases past!

Get Crafty...

  1. Mantlepiece

    Glittery decorations are nice to look at, but not so nice to clean up after. Instead, get out the coloured paper and gems you forgot were in the craft draw and start bedazzling! It’s the perfect holiday activity for the kids and an eye-catching mantlepiece decoration for you. Start crafting here.

    Source: Bakers Delight

  2. Tree

    Have a go at adding your own DIY ornaments to the ones you’ve collected over the years. Get creative using sticks from the garden, pieces of string, pipe cleaners and pom-poms!

    Source: Lovely Indeed

  3. Wreath

    We’re all a little guilty of hoarding the pretty bows and ribbons that come on our gifts and then promising ourselves that we’ll reuse them. Now you can! Create this fun and colourful Christmas wreath to hang on your front door. 

    Source: Bakers Delight


You left the Christmas gift essentials to the last minute and now all that’s left is the reject pile of ribbons, wrapping paper and chemist perfume that’s way too strong. Look no further!

Spread the delight...

  1. Wrapping Paper

    Sure, Christmas wrapping paper is cute but it can also be pricey. Instead of going out and buying some, why not use what you already have? Try our wrapping tricks with cellophane and paper confetti or colourful patty pans for a festive pop of colour under the tree.

    Source: Bakers Delight

  2. Presents

    Gift the gift of deliciousness this year. Our Lemon Tarts and Choc Cherry Brownie Cakes are crowd-pleasers, so you know you’ll be putting a smile on your favourite sweet tooth’s face!


So you’re not splurging on the centrepiece you saw on Instagram this year or the fancy plates that are strictly for guests only. We’ve got you covered.

Easy, but impressive...

  1. Centrepiece 

    When life gives you lemons, make a Lemon Tart centrepiece! Whether your neighbour had too many and gave you some or you have a tree in the backyard, this centrepiece is a pretty ode to the Aussie summer.

    Source: Bakers Delight

  2. Place Cards

    Guarantee yourself a spot next to your favourite cousin at the table with these fun and festive DIY place cards. All you’ll need is crepe paper, skewers, paper card and a chocolate base.

    Source: Satsuma Designs


People wait all year for the big turkey buffe with cranberry sauce but we know Christmas dessert is what’s worth waiting for. And sorry Nan, no traditional pud this year!

The most important meal of the day...

  1. Fruit Mince Tart with orange & cinnamon icing

    An invited twist on a classic. Give the old Fruit Mince Tart a fresh new look with our orange and cinnamon icing recipe.

    Source: Bakers Delight

  2. Lemon & Coconut Trifle

    We know trifle borders on a traditional dessert, but with a fresh and zesty kick, our Lemon & Coconut Trifle will please everyone from Nan to your fussy youngest cousin!

    Lemon & Coconut Trifle

    Source: Bakers Delight

  3. Christmas Cake Semifreddo

    A fresh take on an old favourite! Turn our delicious Traditional Christmas Cake into the perfect summer-time dessert with our Christmas Cake Semifreddo recipe.

    Source: Bakers Delight