15 School Holiday Boredom Busters


15 easy ways to entertain the kids during these school holidays.

While the kids are living large with sleep-ins and sleepovers, we know it’s often business as usual for parents during the school holidays. We also know how expensive these weeks off can be! That’s why we’ve put together 15 cheap and cheerful holiday activities that will help get rid of the dreaded “I’m bored!” without breaking the bank.

The Ultimate Boredom Busters

  1. Have a Pizza My Heart

    Do you have a budding pizza chef at home? Homemade pizzas are perfect for entertaining the kids and an easy dinner the whole family will love.

    Homemade Pizzas

    Source: Bakers Delight

  2. X Marks the Spot

    There’s nothing better than a treasure hunt to get the kids moving! Pick your treasure and somewhere to hide it. Now think about how the kids will uncover the secret treasure – do they need to complete a physical challenge, like running up the backyard to find a clue or will there be riddles to solve?

    For the time poor parent, scribble a list of items on a piece of paper, set a timer and send the kids out into the backyard or around the house to search and take a photo of each item to prove they found them. Cue at least 30 mins of pure bliss!

  3. Turn Your Thumb Green

    Teach your kids about healthy eating and the environment while planting a veggie or herb garden. They’ll love having their own garden to tend to, plus you can use the delicious herbs on your homemade pizzas! Don’t forget to choose something that grows fast and start on the first day of holidays, so the kids can see them grow each day.

  4. Just Plane Awesome

    Channel the kids’ energy into a game;  fly the paper plane through the targets. Get them to keep score and try to beat their ‘personal best’. All you need is a large piece of cardboard to make this target board.

    Paper Plane School Holiday Activity

    Source: Life As Mama

  5. Picnic Play

    Grab the family, your friends and the kids’ school pals for an afternoon at the park. Picnics are the perfect opportunity to let the kids run around and burn off some of that extra holiday energy! We have all your kid-approved recipes here.

  6. Up, Up & Away

    Relive your own childhood with DIY kites! There are plenty of easy how-to guides to help you make kites using things from around the house. Once you have the perfect kite, head to the park to put it through its paces.

  7. Sushi Me Roll’n

    These bread sushi rolls are the perfect addition to any holiday picnic basket! Your little chefs can roll out the bread, choose their fillings and even use chopsticks to enjoy their gourmet lunch.

    Sushi Bread

    Source: Bakers Delight

  8. Find Furry Friends 

    For the animal lovers in the family, head to an animal farm for the day – some may even have holiday programs to keep the kids entertained. For something closer to home, try a petting zoo where the little ones can get up close and personal with their favourite animals.

  9. Host with the Most

    Plan a themed night in with the family or a sleepover for the kids. Whether it’s their favourite movie (we don’t take any responsibility if the Frozen soundtrack plays on repeat), a country or a colour, you can spend the day decorating, cooking, baking and even making costumes to make it a night to remember.

  10. A Puppeteer for the Day

    If your kids are crafty with a vivid imagination, there are plenty of options to make DIY puppets. Whether it’s creations made from cereal boxes, socks or even felt finger puppets, the sky’s the limit!

    DIY Puppets

    Source: DIYs

  11. How’s the Serenity?

    Pitch a tent so the kids can go camping in the safety of the backyard or even simply the living room. They can eat hotdogs, popcorn and tell stories until they fall asleep. If there’s an adult staying with the campers, consider a little barbecue or campfire for the marshmallows!

  12. It’s Showtime!

    Find a local theatre that puts on live shows and bring the kids. Many theatres will put on free shows, but make sure it’s family friendly!

  13. Follow the Rainbow

    Kids love to play with their food and this is the one time it’s okay! Just add several drops of food colouring to milk and stir. Then with paint brushes, their imaginations can run wild on a piece of bread. Once the little artists are happy with their designs, pop them in the toaster and enjoy!

    Rainbow Bread

    Source: Learn Play Imagine

  14. For a Roaring Time 

    For the younger kids who are mad about dinosaurs, bury a bunch of cheap dinosaur toys in the yard and let them dig for fossils!

  15. Scientists in the Making

    Kids are always experimenting with something, so why not introduce them to a few mind-blowing, hands-on science experiments? Don’t worry if you never mastered biology or chemistry at school, there are plenty of easy, kid-friendly tutorials online.