If there’s one thing we’ve all been wanting so desperately after this crazy year, it’s to spend time with our loved ones. So raise your glass to our tricks for easy entertaining at home!

  1. The guest list

    First thing’s first, it’s 2020 so you already know your guest list won’t be an extensive one. Nearest and dearest only. They’re always the best get-togethers anyway.

  2. Stay true to yourself in the kitchen

    We don’t all have the patience to whip up a 10-course tasting menu or the knack to know which obscure ingredient matches best with the next. So, we have you sorted. Our Toma-totally Delish Ricotta Bruschetta is the perfect easy appetiser. Best of all, you won’t lose sleep Googling ‘how to make Oysters Kilpatrick.’

    If you do want a little seafood though, why not try prawn crostinis on our Turkish Bread or our OTT prawn cocktail cob? It looks impressive and makes for one tasty centrepiece.

  3. Make sure there’s something for everyone

    Playing host gets trickier when you know you have guests that can’t eat something that’s part of your spread. Put minds at ease with this tasty LowFOD trifle or one of our vegan recipes.

    Source: Bakers Delight

  4. Decorations

    Don’t forget where you are… at home! There’s no need to stock up on expensive table runners and fancy decor that will end up at the back of the cupboard and never be used again. Keep it simple. A bunch of flowers for the table and some candles will do the trick.

    Source: Ella Claire Inspired

  5. Set the table

    Like with decorations, keep it simple and sleek. No need for place cards or finicky serviette art, just a neatly set table with your knife and fork on correct sides like mum taught you. And make sure there’s room for your plates and platters in the middle.

  6. Drinks

    Now we’re talking! Whether you’re a whiz at the bar or a bit of a newbie, there’s always a cocktail to suit. Depending on the size of your get-together, we recommend making batches of the drinks ahead of time and serving it in pitchers. Put ice in a bucket, so the drinks in the pitchers don’t get watered down and let your guests pour their own drinks. You can also make a non-alcoholic version of the same cocktail for non-drinking guests or kids. Just be sure to label them!

    Source: Cake ‘n knife

  7. Dessert time

    Name a better combo than Choc Mud Scones, ice cream and more chocolate! Our Choc Mud Ice Cream Terrine is a show-stopping dessert that will impress your guests.

    Source: Bakers Delight

  8. Keep it fun

    Have some games on hand and your Bluetooth speaker fully charged. This way, you make sure your guests know they’re welcome long after the meal is over!

  9. Late-night snacks

    It’s getting late but the night’s still young, which can only mean one thing… snacks! Keep your guests fed even after the plates have been cleared. Try our classic garlic bread or mini pizzas!

  10. Enjoy yourself!

    Leave the dirty dishes until tomorrow! After all, what’s a party if the host has snuck away to do some cleaning.