The Ultimate Christmas Gift Giving Guide


5 types of people who are impossible to buy for and what to get them!

Gift giving can be the most enjoyable part of Christmas, but it can also be the most daunting! We all have those people in our lives – colleagues, in-laws, cousins – who leave us wandering around the shops on Christmas Eve with no idea what to get them. We have you covered – find out which Christmas product your family and friends are and what to get them to make this festive season the best one yet!

Gifting Made Easy

  1. The Lemon Tart (aka the person who has everything)

    Source: Doltone House

    The person who has everything – great for them, but not so great for you! It’s risky to organise your presents too early because they might end up buying the same thing, but when Christmas rolls around, you’re not left with many options.

    Our advice? Get these people an experience. There’s no point giving them something that they probably already have, but an experience is a unique and fun change from the usual.

    What to buy: A voucher for sky diving, hot air balloon ride, spa day, cooking classes. The list is endless! 

  2. The Fruit Mince Tart (aka the ‘I don’t know’ person)

    Source: Bakers Delight

    You ask them what they want and you get the dreaded ‘I don’t know’ response. Instead of falling into the trap of giving generic gifts like socks or candles, we’ve done some digging! What the ‘Fruit Mince Tarts’ are really saying is they’re not fussy about presents – they don’t care about expensive gifts and are happy with anything. Well almost anything…

    These people don’t want things that clutter up the house. They say they don’t know because really, they don’t want any more useless gifts. The best thing to do with these people is to think about the small pleasures they enjoy.

    What to buy: Christmas Cake or Tarts, gourmet chocolates, their favourite alcohol or even the book they’ve been meaning to read

  3. The Christmas Cake (aka the awkward work colleague)

    Source: Just Maggie

    A classic case of “I got Susan from Accounts.” We all know the feeling of drawing out the work colleague in Secret Santa who you never speak to. With a spend limit, we recommend keeping it safe – something practical and liked by the masses!

    What to buy: Travel coffee cup, chocolates, candle, bottle of wine, movie voucher or a mini succulent for their desk

  4. Mini Christmas Cake (aka the teenager)

    Whether they’re your siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews or friends’ kids, finding presents for teenagers can be a minefield. One minute, it’s the latest must-have and the next, it’s lamer than their dad making jokes in a Hawaiian shirt.

    It might not seem like an exciting gift and some people don’t like doing it, but the old fashioned ‘money in a card’ is usually your best option with teenagers. It’s an uninspired gift for adults, but most teenagers would much rather have the dough and decide what they want to spend it on themselves, instead of getting a gift that they’re disappointed with. If you want to avoid the money avenue, here are some other gifts that are teenager approved.

    What to buy: Portable speaker, headphones, movie tickets, voucher to their favourite store or concert tickets

  5. The Christmas Combo (aka the in-laws)

    Source: Airbnb Instagram

    Shopping for the in-laws can be a high-pressured event. Whether you’re staying with them over Christmas or just stopping by for lunch, we know you’ll want to make a good impression! Flex your creativity, while getting them something you know they’ll enjoy.

    What to buy: AirBnB gift card, bottle of wine or spirits, coffee subscription box or a gift basket of edible treats