The Perfect Aussie Christmas


10 tips & tricks to turn the festive season into the ultimate summer celebration.

Swap out the ugly Christmas sweaters for flip-flops, fireplaces for BBQs and you have yourself a very merry Aussie Christmas!

It may be sweltering outside, but that doesn’t get in the way of our festive cheer! So here are our 10 ingredients for an essential Christmas down under.

The Perfect Aussie Christmas

  1. Tree Matters

    Tired of dragging out the old plastic pine, detangling fairy lights or picking up needles from the real pine that you swore you wouldn’t buy again? We love the idea of decorating trees in your own backyard with paper chains and homemade decorations or collecting different sized sticks and twigs to create a hanging Christmas tree instead.

    Source: Hollie|Little Goldfish Celebrations

  2. Game Changer

    Just when the guilt of overeating sets in, there’s nothing quite like backyard cricket to get the family moving. With no one bothering to keep score, the game usually ends when everyone is sick of playing, the ball goes missing or dad pulls a muscle.

  3. Zesty Decorations

    Let’s face it, Christmas in Australia isn’t really about holly and mistletoe, it’s about sunny days and sandy feet. So we’re taking inspiration from our local flora to create the perfect Aussie Christmas décor.

    Get started by creating your own wreath using native flora from your local florist. You can transform your masterpiece when the family comes around for Christmas lunch by using it as the table centrepiece and placing our Lemon Tarts on top. Add this easy-to-prepare passionfruit icing to some of the tarts for extra zing! 

    Ensure plants are all washed and cleaned when placing tarts. 

    Source: Bakers Delight

  4. Shrimply the Best

    The festive season wouldn’t be complete without queuing at the local seafood market on Christmas Eve! With lots of light food and seasonal goodness, we love these BBQ prawns as the perfect entrée to any long lunch.

  5. That’s Cool!

    Of course the drinks will be flowing throughout December, so why not make them Instagrammable with decorative ice cubes!?

    We used pomegranate seeds, raspberries and mint leaves, but the options are endless. To make the ice cubes, simply place your ingredients into the ice cube tray before filling with water and freezing. Use them in a wine bowl like we did or add to individual drinks to impress guests this festive season.

    If using flowers in your ice cubes, make sure you’re only using edible flowers, such as orchids, nasturtiums, pansies, and snapdragons, that have been grown to be eaten.

    Source: Bakers Delight

  6. Another Tart on the Barbie

    While you have the BBQ going, throw on a 6-pack of our tarts! With the top down, grill the tarts for a few minutes (keep alfoil base on) and serve with ice-cream and fresh fruit. After all, it is the silly season!

  7. Life’s a Beach

    The best thing about Christmas in Australia? Swapping the snow for the sand. Head down to the beach with the family to make a sandman decorated with sunglasses, a shell nose and a Santa hat.

  8. What’s In a Name

    Make your family and friends feel special this Christmas with personalised Fruit Mince Tarts! Simply pick-up royal writing icing from the dessert section of your local grocery store to create these easy and delicious placeholders.

    Source: Bakers Delight

  9. Sippers 

    Let’s be honest, Australians don’t need much encouragement to have a sip, but Christmas is a good excuse anyway! In the sweltering Australian summer, eggnog and mulled wine is replaced by icy cold beers and chilled bubbly, or maybe even an Aperol if you’re feeling really fancy.

  10. Ho-Ho-Ho into Pavlova

    With delicious meringue, whipped cream and fruit, the ‘Pav’ is an Aussie icon and a must-have for any summer Christmas! Try our easy Pavlova wreath recipe sprinkled with Choc Mud Scone here.

    Source: Bakers Delight

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