EVERYDAY10 Ways to Use Leftover Bread

Put those last few slices of bread to good use with these ingenious hacks, tips and recipes.

Those remaining few slices of your Hi-Fibre Lo-GI Loaf are just begging for one last time to shine before they hit the compost pile. Whether your bread is day-old, stale or just leftover, there’s a whole world of possibilities out there that are a little more exciting than the usual toasted sanga!

Cutting onions, pet snacks and softening brown sugar are just a few of the unexpected ways you can get the most out of your bread.


1. It’s a Piece of Cake

When there’s leftover birthday cake, don’t fight over who has to eat the dried out piece! Attach a slice of bread with toothpicks to the cut edge. It’ll stop the exposed part of the cake from drying out because the cake will draw moisture from the bread.

2. Crumby in a Good Way

Breadcrumbs are the bread and butter of any kitchen (excuse the pun, but we had to!). They add golden crunch to pasta bakes, bind meatballs and help to make the pub perfect parma. In fact, there’s never any need to buy breadcrumbs ready-made from the shops, simply tear bread into a food processor and blitz into crumbs. Our Mac & Cheese with crispy breadcrumbs is the perfect example!

3. Un-grill-ievable!

One of the best ways to prevent a grease flare-up when grilling your steak and snags on the BBQ is to place a couple of slices of white bread in your drip pan to absorb the grease. It will also cut down on the amount of smoke produced.

4. Make Fido’s Favourites

Transform your day-old bread into pawesome snacks for your four-legged friend! Once you’ve blitzed the slices, use 1/2 cup of the breadcrumbs with two cups whole wheat flour, 2/3 cup water and six tablespoons oil. Roll into a dough, cut into rounds (or bone shapes if you’re feeling creative) and bake at 175ºC for 30-40 minutes.

Via @kylie__thatcher on Instagram

5. Gimme Some Sugar

Don’t you hate it when you’re baking cookies and mid-recipe you realise your brown sugar is hard as a rock? Place a piece of bread in a sealed bag of the sugar for just a few hours and voila, it’s back to its original state. To speed up the process, place bread and sugar in to a microwavable container and heat for 20 seconds.

6. It’s Crunch Time

Add a crunch to your favourite salad or soup with homemade croutons. Simply slice or tear your leftover bread into squares. To dry them out, drizzle with a little olive oil and place in the oven at 180ºC until they’re crisp. Store in a jar at room temperature and then make this delicious Panzanella salad for the whole fam!

7. Don’t Cry Over Cut Onions

Stop those waterworks that come with chopping onions by putting a slice of bread in your mouth, with it partially sticking out to absorb the irritant gas before it reaches the eyes. This might just be an old wives’ tale, but we’re willing to give it a go!

8. Get Stuffed!

We all know day-old bread makes the best stuffing. With onion, celery and plenty of seasoning, those leftover slices will make the perfect traditional bread stuffing and is sure to be a favourite over the dinner table.

Via Averie Cooks

9. Sunday’s Best

There’s nothing better than a roast chicken on a wintery Sunday night. Or is there? Try cooking your roast on top of a bed of bread to absorb all those glorious juices – you’re welcome! “Doesn’t the bread get soggy?” we hear you ask. No. Just drizzle some olive oil, season with salt and pepper and they’ll crisp up like croutons!

10. Bakin’ Me Crazy

We’ve saved the best ‘til last! Treat yourself to this Banana Peanut Butter Pudding with the remaining few slices of your loaf (shhh, don’t tell the kids!).