EASTER10 Steps to a Magical Easter!

Make Easter a extra special this year with these easy tips, tricks & hacks.

Make your little one’s Easter especially magical this year with our 10 fun activities that are sure to make their way into your annual holiday’s traditions. These nifty crafts and decorating tips are perfect for kids of all ages, even those big kids who are still young at heart!


1. Par-tea Time

There’s something about a tea party that is extra magical, so why not enjoy an Easter themed afternoon with hot chocolate, fairy bread and Hot Cross Buns. Maybe the Easter bunny will hop around to join in!

2. Hop In

Convince everyone the Easter bunny has paid your house a visit with a trail of bunny footprints! Click here for our template, simply cut out the holes, lay them on the floor and sprinkle with flour for a simple decoration guaranteed to delight.

3. Egg-tastic

Need a school holiday activity for the kids? This will have them creating masterpieces in no time! Fill a plastic container with shaving cream and drip in different food colours. Mix up and pop in your hardboiled egg (shell on). Mix the cream and egg around, make sure the egg is completely covered. Put aside for 30 minutes, then rinse off your egg and voila! You have a beautifully dyed egg!

Source: Crafty Morning

4. Hungry Work

Simple but effective, much like Santa, the Easter Bunny needs some fuel for his big night! Have your kids lay out some carrots the night before, and then once everyone’s in bed work some magic so it looks like the Easter Bunny has come and had a snack! * Pro tip! Make sure to leave some ‘chewed on’ left overs for full effect!

5. Collect in Style

Any good Easter egg hunt needs an even better Easter Egg Basket! Using toilet rolls, thick card, paint and glue, you’ll have the kids flaring their creative muscles in style.

Source: The Craft Train

6. Pin the Tail on the Bunny

If an Easter egg hunt isn’t enough for your youngsters, try playing Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny! Just print out a bunny graphic (45cm x 60cm) and a sheet of tails on white card. Tape the bunny print to the wall and place a small piece of tape on the back of each tail. Easy peasy and will have the kids entertained for hours!

7. Stamp It

While you have the toilet rolls out, why not create these easy bunny stamps? It’s such a simple idea turning the three toilet rolls into the shape of the bunny face and ears and it’s a great activity for all budding Picassos.

Source: New Young Mum

8. Bunny Breaky

Easter magic doesn’t have to just be for Easter day! Bring fun to the breakfast table with this cute ‘Easter Bunny’ pancake stack. It’s super easy and sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face!

9. A Dozen Snacks

Make lunchtime fun with this fun egg lunch box hack! These fun, colourful egg containers are sold at most discount stores during Easter, just fill them up with healthy delicious snacks and away your kids go! Simple as that!

Source: Must Have Mom

10. Face-to-Face

This cute whiskered paper plate Easter bunny mask is a perfect edition to the dress up box. All you’ll need is a paper plate, some paint, 6 bendy straws and elastic to make sure your true identity isn’t revealed!  

Source: Kids Craft Room