TESTIMONIALS 40 Years of delight: Brad and Jo – Their journey through 36 years with Bakers Delight

Having started at Bakers Delight in 1984, Brad has seen the company grow from a humble Victorian bakery to a multi-national franchise. Playing an instrumental part in opening hundreds of bakeries across the country, Brad and his wife Jo have a strong connection to the brand and its network.

I started as an apprentice baker under Roger and Lesley in 1984 and I was able to grow with the business as it began expanding. I looked after 30-40 bakeries when Roger and Lesley left for the US and later went on to open almost 100 bakeries across the country. Each new adventure offered great experience, which I have been able to implement in to owning and running my own bakeries.

“So many people have been with the business for 20, 30 plus years, myself included and I think this is testament to the strength of the network that stems from the foundation Lesley and Roger have built. Their wouldn’t be many other big retailers where you can pick up the phone and call the founders of the company and ask for advice. The friendly and supportive nature of the business started by Roger and Lesley and carried on by current CEOs Elise and Dave is what keeps attracting the right Franchisees to the network as well as ensuring Franchisees stick around for the long term, keeping the network strong.

“There is also a great culture of teaching and learning among new and more experienced Franchisees. One of the best things about being part of the Bakers Delight franchise is that you can lean on the network. No matter what problem you come across, someone in the network has been through it.

“I have made life-long friends and the Gillespie’s are like family. Bakers Delight is built on family values, approachability and respect which is evident in its network. The strength is the people.”