COMMUNITY Celebrating Local Business Owners

Brad & Jo

What’s been the biggest change since you opened your first Bakers Delight bakery?

The biggest change is that all my mates are losing their hair, starting from Roger down! In all seriousness, the quality and variety of products have evolved, but what has remained the same is the supportive and tight-knit nature of the network. There wouldn’t be many other big retailers where you can pick up the phone and call the founders of the company and ask for advice. I’ve made life-long friends and the Gillespie’s are like family. Bakers Delight is built on family values, respect and being approachable which is evident in its community. The strength is the people.

What’s the first product you remember baking?

In the early days, we only made white, wholemeal and grain bread! Over time, various diets and fads became popular and to keep up with trends we would experiment with different recipes. We made one loaf for the Pritikin diet, which was just wholegrain flour with no salt or anything… it tasted like cardboard! We also experimented with an Onion & Poppy Seed Loaf, which was interesting but my favourite product has always been the Country Grain Cheese & Herb Scroll.

Tell us about your favourite Bakers Delight memory.

When I started back in 1984 as an apprentice bakery under Roger and Lesley Gillespie, their daughter Elise, who was about four at the time, was our quality control!  If she didn’t like my Cheese Rolls, I would have to try again.

Many franchisees refer to me as the Godfather, having been in the network for so long, so they’ll call me and ask for advice. One of the best things about being part of a franchise is that you can lean on the network. No matter what problem you come across, someone in the network has been through it. It’s been a great journey!

Meet Brett & Tiffany

What’s been the biggest change since you opened your first Bakers Delight bakery?

The network was much smaller back then but in saying that, about two years ago, I met an old franchisee in Newcastle who leased the Kew bakery when we leased North Balwyn! Everyone has a Bakers Delight story. The business is still fast-paced with something always happening. That’s what keeps it interesting and engaging!

What’s the first product you remember baking or selling?

The first time somebody asked for a Knot Roll, I scoured the shelves thinking “what’s a knot roll?” 

Tell us about your favourite Bakers Delight memory.

When we first took over North Balwyn, we had been married for three months and we thought we would be in the business for 12 months then go travelling. When I was about to tell Roger Gillespie we weren’t going to renew the lease, he rang me and offered us two bakeries in Box Hill. The rest is history!

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