TESTIMONIALS Case Study: Catching waves and making dreams come true – Anthony and Belinda, Franchisees

Anthony started his journey with Bakers Delight in 1995 after becoming a qualified baker. He worked in our Warrnambool bakery for eight years, working his way up from a baker to bakery manager.

In 2003 Anthony and Belinda were part of a team tasked with expanding Bakers Delight to the Canadian market and after 12 months developing their skills in Canada, Anthony and Belinda returned to Melbourne where Anthony took a position as a technical baker, and shortly after became an Area Manager.

With a passion for surfing, both Anthony and Belinda wanted to find a job with the perfect work/life balance that would allow them to be able to surf more and enjoy a life on the coast, where they could raise a family away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne. A Franchisee got them thinking after suggesting the couple purchase the Ocean Grove Marketplace bakery and 12 months later, they did!

Their first couple of years in business were difficult with so many new responsibilities and areas to manage. However, they leaned on the Bakers Delight network and each other to find their rhythm and ultimately run a very successful bakery.

“I have always taken care of production and Belinda has always run sales. We have shared responsibilities both at home and in the business which now gives us the flexibility to be there for our kids and enjoy the laidback, coastal lifestyle we always dreamed of, while still running a successful business,” says Anthony.

The couple feel very connected to the close-knit community they are now a part of and were very grateful to have the opportunity to open a new bakery in Kingston Village, a new shopping precinct in Ocean Grove, in December of 2019. Opening their second bakery, although it had some challenges, this time the couple knew what to expect.

“We were as well prepared as we could be opening the second bakery. Like with any business, there will always be something that comes up when you least expect it however, all our experience with the first bakery has given us the skills to deal with whatever is thrown our way.

Our confidence opening the second bakery was heightened being part of the Bakers Delight network. There is always a Franchisee who has dealt with a similar issue and it allows you to work for yourself but not by yourself. You have a team of people who are able to help you at every point of the journey and that support has allowed us to live in a beautiful part of Australia and spend valuable time with our family while running multiple bakeries.”