TESTIMONIALS Be Your Own Boss: Benefits of becoming a Franchisee with Bakers Delight

Meet Andrea, former Franchisee of Bakers Delight Hawksburn.

Andrea had visions of being her own boss but like many individuals, she didn’t know where to begin. She knew she would make a great business owner but understood that she would need a sustainable business model to support her dreams. After successfully running the bakery at Hawksburn, she has now joined the team at the corporate office.

What are the benefits of owning a franchise?

I would say that the biggest benefit is that you are in business for yourself not by yourself. You have the support of the Franchisor which includes a strong team of experts in differing fields such as operations, marketing and training. These teams are available for you to utilise to not only start your business but to help it grow. You also have access to a 500 plus strong network of Franchisees. With such a long and strong history, Bakers Delight has proven systems in place to help you start and run a successful business. Being a first time business owner I was given the framework to start a strong business, something I would not have access to if I was in this alone.

When I looked into franchising, I was overwhelmed by the amount of support that is on offer – a one stop shop for everything from supply chain solutions to local marketing and hands on operational support.

If I was an independent operator I would not have the ability to benchmark myself against other business operators and to understand what success looks like/ and to leverage off other Franchisees stories/success and apply this to my own business.

What was it like to transition into a Franchisee?

I had a corporate management position that I was juggling with having two teenage daughters. I was looking for something that would provide a balanced life for me and my family, while still being able to financially support our lifestyle. Initially, although excited, I was also nervous about this new journey. It was unfamiliar territory but I knew that I had to make a change to improve myself and my family’s future.

I knew that I would face challenges however, the training I received gave me the confidence and ability to believe in myself. I was guided every step of the way – from the initial enquiry, discussions with the current Franchisees, to the sale process and settling into my bakery. The support didn’t stop there, the operations team continue to assist me in driving my business and there is a multitude of online tools and resources available.

What attracted you to Bakers Delight?

I had always been a customer of Bakers Delight and loved the product. I always noticed how busy the bakery was and thought ‘maybe this would be a good business to consider’. This prompted me to start my initial investigations. I was surprised and impressed to find out that everything is made from scratch on the premises each day. It was impressive to hear about how many Franchisees run more than one bakery and I was blown away with how they support their local communities.

What would you say to anyone who is looking into franchising?

I would encourage them to do their homework and talk to as many people as you can. It’s not always going to be easy but the rewards by far out way the challenges. Make sure to look for a business that shares your values, has a proven track record and can demonstrate the ability to adapt to changing environments and consumer behaviour.

Looking back, it was hard work to begin with and there were risks that I took, however, my dream really has become a reality. My family and I feel very fortunate that we made the choice to pursue Bakers Delight and the opportunity to have had a business of our own.