TESTIMONIALS Case study: Following the right recipe for success – Sajal, Franchisee

A professional accountant with experience running restaurants, Sajal had a strong idea of the type of business he wanted to own and Bakers Delight fit that mould. Although unsure of Franchising at first, Sajal enjoyed that while he would run the business himself, Bakers Delight was an established brand who could provide him with all the necessary training he needed to be successful.

Researching many different business opportunities can be overwhelming until you read or hear something that stands out to you. This is what happened to Sajal when he learned Bakers Delight’s practices, standards and ethics were in line with his own, so much so he decided to complete a two-day orientation in the bakery before ultimately deciding to become a Franchisee.

Spending one day baking and one day in sales allowed him to understand more about the business and how the bakery operates, cementing that it was the right opportunity for him. Having that hands on experience allowed Sajal to get a good idea of what life would be like in the bakery and he hasn’t looked back since.

When Sajal started full time training he quickly began to enjoy starting work early as it allowed him to spend the rest of the day with his family. Sajal continues to enjoy the flexibility owning his own bakery has given him.

“Once you have a strong team set up you may only have to work three to four days a week. Hours may vary, however this suits me very well as I can spend time with my wife and mother, whether it be for a morning coffee, lunch or family dinner,” says Sajal. 

Sajal is passionate about creating a team of talented staff and is currently working on developing his team with plans to expand and purchase more bakeries.