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Interest in the health and nutritional benefits of wholegrains has grown significantly with recent research highlighting just how important these foods are for good health.  Eating more wholegrain foods is linked to better heart health, better digestive health and a greater ability to manage blood glucose and cholesterol levels1 

The term ‘wholegrain’ refers to grains that contain all of their original natural components including the bran, endosperm and germ. Wholegrain bread is made from wholegrains that are either in their original intact form, such as whole grains of wheat, or have been cracked, flaked, rolled or milled.  

The recently updated Australian Dietary Guidelines1 recommend adults include at least 4-6 serves of grain based foods daily, with the majority being wholegrain or high fibre varieties.  The greatest benefits from eating wholegrains can be obtained when you include around 48grams a day.

Bakers Delight have been one of the first companies to adopt this new code with many products meeting the criteria to be classified as ‘very high in wholegrain content’. This claim refers to products that contain at least 24g of wholegrains per serve (50% of the recommended intake daily).  In the Bakers Delight range these products include Wholemeal bread, Wholemeal Chia, Wholemeal Country Grain and Capeseed.Foods on the supermarket shelf that claim to be wholegrain can vary significantly in the actual amount of wholegrains they contain so as a result, a new Code has been developed to help you identify foods that are higher and lower in wholegrain content.

Enjoying a serving of these foods daily will assist to significantly increase your daily intake of wholegrains in a tasty and enjoyable way making it easy to reach the 48g daily target!

1. National Health and Medical Research Council. Australian Dietary Guidelines.  (ed. National Health and Medical Reasearch Council) (NHMRC, Canberra, ACT, Australia, 2013).




Setting children on the right path toward healthy eating habits early in life is critically important for their long health and wellbeing.  The latest research shows a quarter of Aussie kids are an unhealthy weight and many have lower than ideal intakes of key nutrients such as iodine, iron and calcium1.